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My Afternoon with Morgan the Flirt

There we were, young Morgan and me, in the Bar in the beautiful Windsor Beaumont Estate Hotel. Behind the bar, Justyna, the rather lovely waitress who was clearly under Morgan’s spell.


For heaven’s sake, he is only ten months old but the boy is a First Class Flirt. Poor Justyna didn’t stand a chance once he’d batted his eye-lashes at her. And oh, what eye-lashes...


We’d met up with the Little Welsh Boys and their parents just before 1 p.m. It was perfect timing as we both drove into the hotel car park at almost exactly the same time, despite the fact that they had driven all the way from Cardiff.  The original plan had been for the whole family to travel on to introduce themselves to Young Faris, the newest member of the clan – but yesterday Young Morgan came out in spots. Not unexpectedly, he’d caught the chicken pox from his older brothers. So when the rest of the family set off to visit the New Baby, Young Morgan (aka the Spotty One) stayed with Mr B and me.


Which was how we came to be sitting in the hotel bar, watching Young Morgan flirt with every female who happened to pass through on their way to wherever they were going.  This was his modus operandi: new person walks towards us, Young Morgan flutters eye-lashes, holds out his hands and says “Baba!” Person, smitten, stops to say hello. Young Morgan smiles, showing off enchanting dimples (one on each cheek.) Person tears herself away, blowing kisses or waving.  Young Morgan waves back, then turns his attention to the next person to enter the bar. He is not only a flirt, he is flighty with it.


He and I set off for a walk round the grounds. We follow the Nature Trail and find Winnie the Pooh’s house.  Yes, really, it has a notice on the door so it is definitely Winnie’s home. I struggle the push the push-chair along the pebbly paths but I manage it somehow. This place used to be a Jesuit Boarding School, many years ago. We find a grave-yard containing the graves of some of the young lads who died while at the school and an imposing  war memorial to the “Beaumont Boys” who died in the First World War.


We follow the signs to the Chapel – inside the stunning hall is a long, long dining table, laid with silver cutlery, sparkling glasses and imposing silver chandeliers. We tiptoe out (can a push-chair tip-toe? Well this one did...) and for a horrible moment I think we are locked in. Then I realise that, to the side of the door is a green knob with a notice saying “please press to open door”.  We escape, thankfully.


Tomorrow we are off to Legoland. Sam and James have maps which their father has cleverly laminated for them. They tell me that the first place we are going is Star Wars.  I tell them that’s fine by me.


Morgan takes a while to get to sleep but all is quiet now. I suspect he is dreaming of his conquests...


Morgan – such a Flirt.

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I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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