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Lunch, a Bunch of Tulips and Memories of Bagpuss

What do you get when you bring together an old school friend, a god-daughter, two of the Darling Daughters and two Grandsons (the oldest and the youngest)? A lovely lunch, that's what.


Pip (my lovely god-daughter, had dyed her hair purple in honour of the occasion and was accompanied by a small knitted owl called Hooters who travels with her almost everywhere and is certainly better travelled than most owls of the more regular, feathered variety.


Pat, my old school friend (we go back a long, long way) had brought a bunch of tulips for the New Mum and, for Baby Boy, a small mouse which, when pressed, sang that song about fixing things with glue, glue, glue which will be well-remembered by devotees of the children's TV programme about a saggy old cat called Bagpuss. If you haven't heard it then you really, truly, haven't lived...


The Youngest of the Darling Daughters had brought her camera, to ensure that the photographic record of today's occasion was not left totally to me (see yesterday's blog) and her son, the Oldest of the Grandsons, who faced up to lunch with The Oldies with considerable aplomb. 


The Middle of the Darling Daughters brought along Baby Boy who was, of course, the Star Attraction. We passed him round the table like a precious Pass The Parcel so that everyone could have all the cuddles they wanted. Young Faris accepted the adulation as to the manner born.


Me, well I just brought myself - but I am staying till Sunday so I will endeavour to make myself useful. I will sing songs, tell stories, possibly change a nappy or two, have long conversations  with the Middle of the Darling Daughters and / or her Baby Boy (depending on which of them is happy to listen to me chunter on at the time.)


Life just doesn't get much better than this...

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18.04 | 17:19

Oh that's such a good read Jaqui! It's great to see it through your eyes, and you capture it beautifully... and you will indeed look like real athletes too!

21.02 | 22:41


08.02 | 17:40

Agree with the very last line.Enjoyable game and obviously we can discuss this at our next birdie outing x

24.01 | 18:27

So glad you got so many domestic issues sorted. There are days when I wish I had a couple of darling daughters. I have a darling son but he is a long way away

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