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An Angel, a School Prom and Andy Murray

Today I am on Faris Watch. OK, well I have been on Faris Watch before, you will remember, but this is Faris Night Watch as I am baby-sitting while the Middle of the Darling Daughters is out at her School Prom. It is the first time she has gone out for the evening and left him in someone else's care. What a responsibility!


I am aided in this awesome responsibility by a Guardian Angel. This is no ordinary angel (if angels could ever be said to be ordinary) as it has neither wings nor a holier than thou expression. This Angel is a grey and turquoise baby monitor which emits a bleeping noise every couple of seconds to reassure me that the Precious One is still breathing. If, by any chance, the Precious One should wake up while I am on Faris Night Watch, then I have to remember to turn off the Angel before I lift him from his cot. Otherwise all Hell will be let loose. The moral of all this is: Don't Mess With Angels.


It was lovely watching the Middle of the Darling Daughters prepare for her First Night Out. Even lovelier watching her set off, in all her finery, with her friend Lorraine (thanks, Lorraine, I thought you might like a mention in the Blog!) For a moment I thought she might secrete the Angel in her handbag, all the better to make sure her Little One was safe and sound but in the end she decided to trust me. Or possibly she has put her faith in the Angel, who is bleeping away beside me as I type.


Befor Faris went to bed (accompanied by his Guardian Angel and his toy giraffe) we watched Andy Murray win his first two sets. I explained the rules of the game (as I understand them) to the Small One, who was singularly unimpressed. "Can't we go back to Old Macdonald and his Farm?" I almost heard him say, "Or even that really, really annoying song about your holiday. You know,the Lonely Goat Herd or whatever it's called. Just so long as you cut out the yodelling, Nanni."


Upstairs, all is quiet on the Western Front. The baby monitor is bleeping happily beside me. Young Faris is fast asleep in his cot, plotting tomorrow's merry mayhem.


My Angel Baby.

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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