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Going Crabbing!

Today we went crabbing.


We had, after all, already invested in a Crabbing Bucket and fishing line on Monday when we went back to the Gift Shop to buy the tricks which the boys wanted to play on their Mum and Dad when they get home (watch out, Parents!) Plus we had a net hidden away and gathering dust in the garage. It was time to get it out and put it to good use.


It was only as we were walking towards the River Arun, excitement at fever pitch, that I remembered a somewhat sobering fact.  You don’t always catch anything.  And if you do, it is the result of much patient fishing. Neither Little Welsh Boy, it had to be said, looked inclined to be the Patient Type.


We asked a friendly lifeguard where we could find a tap to fill our crabbing bucket but he advised that any crabs we caught would prefer sea water.  We accordingly headed for the beach, where neither boy was inclined to venture into the water.  Guess who waded in – and then had to use her socks to dry her feet when she emerged with a half-full bucket?


Mr B was taking this crabbing business seriously and had invested in Tesco’s Finest bacon lardons. Now I know he always likes to buy the best of everything but these are crabs we are talking about – would they really know the difference between Tesco’s Finest and their Value brand?


As I feared, the first half hour of crabbing was singularly unproductive. Sam and James, bored but not admitting it, amused themselves by posting their baseball caps into the rubbish bin. This was not clever. I had to sort through the rubbish in order to rescue the caps. Lots of people gave me strange looks, clearly thinking I was a scavenger – though a remarkably well-fed looking one at that.


Meanwhile Mr B had worked out a Cunning Plan to attract crabs to our line. A small (and I mean, very small) crab was our first captive. The boys transferred it carefully into our bucket and plied it with lardons. It must have thought it had died and gone to Crab Heaven.  Over the next half-hour, it was joined by three more of its fellows – while  at least twice as many got away before we were able to net them.


We also nearly, oh so nearly, managed to catch a pair of sun glasses but unfortunately, in my excitement, I knocked them off the line with the net in which I was supposed to catch them. Mr B was not happy with me.


Lots of passers-by wanted to see our four crabs. The boys enjoyed explaining, at some length, the tactics they had used to snare our crabs. When I say “the boys” I am, of course including  Mr B....


Finally we decided to call it a day and together Sam and James tipped the Crabby Foursome back into the river. Mr B and I congratulated each other on a successful outing and shepherded the boys down to the promenade for ice-creams and hot doughnuts (naughty, but nice.)


Back home, we decided to wash the owlets (see yesterday’s blog) because they were looking distinctly grubby as a result of all the adventures so far. Pip, their creator, had advised us that they could, indeed, be washed but that it would be best to put them in a pillow case before washing. This we duly did and they are now clean and rather fluffier than before.


Tomorrow we will take the owlets to their new home in Wales. They will doubtless sit in the back seat with the boys so that they can see where they are going. 


Their new life awaits them....

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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