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Birds, a Foreign Language and a Trip to Poundland

“Donga Dan!”


This apparently means “My turn!” in Sam and James’s own language, which is quite incomprehensible to anyone but the two of them. “Your turn” on the other hand is “Donga Dan Ting Ting Ting.”  The boys are sharing a few words of their made-up lingo with me, which makes me feel included and special. Except that (perish the thought!) there is a chance that they may just be kidding me.


They do seem to have sussed out the fact that “Gullible” is my middle name. Take their toothbrushes – one blue, one green. Every morning they tell me, with enormous conviction, that Sam’s is the green toothbrush and James’s is the blue toothbrush. Then in the evening, it’s the other way round. Both boys find my understandable confusion quite hilarious.


In all the excitement of the Crabbing Experience, I quite forgot to tell you about yesterday morning’s exploits which centred on the boys’ determination to visit Poundland. Don’t ask. There was so much else we could do – we have beaches, we have parks and play areas, we have crazy golf courses and paddling pools. But, no, we had to go to Poundland which is right at the other end of town from the bus stop.


Ah, the bus! Now that was fun. The boys practised hailing the bus for some time before it arrived. “Good signalling, boys!” the bus driver said as they clambered aboard. They accepted his praise with becoming modesty, I thought.  We sat on the three seats facing inwards – my least favourite seats because I am always afraid one of the boys will topple forward if the bus starts to lurch. On the plus side, I don’t have to choose which boy to sit beside as I can sit, like piggy, in the middle. Both boys kept one finger on the buttons which you press to tell the driver you want him to stop. I did say they didn’t actually need to worry till we got a lot nearer our stop but they chose to ignore my good advice and their fingers stayed firmly on the buttons.


The driver was obviously still on probation as he had a supervisor travelling the route with him. She was a very, very nice lady, who took a photograph of us, sitting together on our Seat For Three. I have a manic look on my face, a mixture of pleasure and terror as the bus bumped along its merry way. “Thank you for the ride!” the boys chorused as we alighted at the library. I felt very proud of them for their politeness.


On our way to Poundland, we tried to follow a Town Trail, looking for birds. Our most exciting find was the flamingos on the balcony of the Town Hall while the Pier seemed to have more feathered friends than anywhere else we visited. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to find the elusive Olly the Owl so we couldn’t enter the competition. We needed more days...


"We need more days!" I kept saying. Today, however, we had to drive the boys back home. We had no more days left – even though there was SO much more to do. At least we made it to Poundland where Sam bought a toy giraffe (to add to the dozens of toy giraffes he has at home) and James bought a bubble sword (to add to the dozens of swords of all descriptions that he has at home.) They also bought a book for their baby brother, Morgan, which they wrapped up with great ceremony in the yellow tissue paper which the owlets had been wrapped up in when they arrived.


After a five hour drive (including an hour long stop at Chieveley Services for the boys - and Mr B - to let off steam in their own ways) they were home and we handed them back to their parents.


“Donga Dan Ting Ting Ting”, I was tempted to say....

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28.12 | 07:41

This wonderful blog has summed up the true meaning of A Christmas Day. Once the dread of a restricted day had sunk in, other ways were invented. Thank you

22.12 | 09:20

So sorry to hear that Brian is in hospital. It would be bad at any time but at present....... It must be true agony for you. You'll both be in my thoughts. xx

22.08 | 02:02


I'll be able to help you with information on the usher's as Thomas Henry Usher is my aunt's ancestor as well can you please email me so we can talk

22.08 | 02:00

Hi Karen,

I thought I would try again to see if I can get a response from you again please email me so we can talk further. My email is: lol-emma@live.com.au

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