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A Birthday, A Logo Hunt, and the Master of the High Rope...

“I’m an adult now!” announced Sam proudly.


I had to explain that 18 is generally considered to be the age of majority these days.  Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that, at any time in the near future, a seven year old will be considered to be an adult. I promise you I broke it to him gently....


We spent his birthday at the Zoo, my first visit to any kind of a zoo for absolutely years. I was almost as excited as the Birthday Boy and his brother. There was such a lot to see and do – so why did we find ourselves in the marquee of the Forestry Stewardship Council being sweetly lectured by an earnest member of staff about the importance of looking for the FSC logo when buying our barbecues?


We even took part in a race to select products adorned with the FSC logo – Sam versus James and me. Basically there was a table loaded with various wood-based products, of which some bore the FSC logo and others did not. At the sound of the buzzer we had to grab as many products bearing the logo as we could and carry them back to our shopping baskets on a nearby table. The team with the most items in their basket (provided they bore the all-important logo) was the winner.


James and I assiduously studied each item, looking for the logo. Sam simply grabbed everything he could carry and dumped it in his basket. Needless to say, Sam won hands down - but we were all three rewarded for our efforts with a green wrist-band, bearing the logo “I Grill for Gorillas”.


Neither boy understood the (slightly obscure) meaning behind the logo, and set off to find The Parents, yelling: “We grill gorillas!”  Not their fault if the worthiness went right over their heads...


Also right over their heads were the High Ropes and Sam was determined to prove to us all that, from the height of his seven whole years, he was now well able to master this challenge. First time round, his father accompanied him – just in case – but found himself definitely surplus to requirements. Second time around (well, it was his birthday!) he went alone, swinging through the tree-tops like the monkey he is.


Oh, yes, we did see some animals. We saw lemurs and monkeys, penguins and seals. We also saw lots of extremely life-like dinosaurs, which made strange noises and moved their heads and arms and legs as we walked by. Mr B said the dinosaurs didn’t count as animals, being prehistoric, if you know what I mean.  He would have liked to see more animals, I think but then it wasn’t his birthday, was it? 


Back in the car and on the way back to Cardiff, I fed the boys with satsumas and fruit strings to “keep them going” till we reached the pub where we were to have our meal.  The boys amused themselves by telling each other jokes which were completely incomprehensible to me.  “What did the penguin say to the seal?” “I don’t know, what did the penguin say to the seal?” “Ha ha!” (hysterical laughter.) Don’t you get it Nanna?” Of course I did...


Now joined by Sam’s other set of grandparents, the scene was set for the Great Cake Moment. Shaped like a figure seven, with a Super Duper Candle on top, the Darling Daughter in Law had slaved over it the night before, all the time informing all around her that she had never intended to make a figure seven cake in the first place.  Like all the best birthday cakes, it just happened.


Dear Sam, you may not be an adult (quite) but Seven is, indeed, a Great Age to be. Happy Seventh Birthday, Master of the High Ropes. I am so glad I could share your special day.

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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