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Conversations and Confusion on the Creepy Desk

I would be the first to admit that life can be confusing. You can’t live with Mr B and not occasionally find it so. He would say the same about me – but twice over.


Had I been seeking any further proof of the confusing-ness of life, then I need look no further than the blonde, angelic-faced seven year old lad who presented himself at the Creepy Desk in Worthing Library this afternoon. 


It had been a long afternoon at the Creepy Desk where I was supposed to be helping children through their Summer Reading Challenge. Whether it was the sunshine keeping them all away or perhaps they’d heard I was on the desk and were staying away on purpose? I didn’t think I had been that scary, but you never can tell. Be that as it may, I did not welcome a single child to the table in my first hour at the desk, and only two in the second hour.


At least my Creepy Desk companion and I had each other for company. She told me all about her GCSE results (she was a very happy bunny, I am pleased to say) and I told her all about my eldest granddaughter Katie’s GCSE results (she is also a very happy bunny – bravo, Katie!) We discussed What To Wear When You Don’t Have to Wear Uniform Anymore.  I gather from both Katie and my Creepy Desk Friend that this is a considerable poser, given the number of dress rules that must be obeyed. No strappy tops, no shorts, no joggers with tee-shirts, no ripped jeans. My Creepy Desk Friend gives me a list of things I must ask Katie about – like, can she wear nail varnish? Does the school allow her to colour her hair? I make a dutiful note for when I see my grand-daughter at the weekend so that I can report all this back in faithful detail.


We also talk about the kind of books that youngsters like these days – the fantasy books, the vampires and, of course Hunger Games.  I tell my friend about the Hunger Games website where Fourth Eldest Grand-child, Eleanor, helped me answer an on-line quiz to find out which Hunger Games character I was. My Creepy Desk Friend was as impressed as Eleanor had been to hear that I turned out to be Katnis who is, as any Hunger Games addict will tell you, the Star of the Whole Hunger Games.  My Creepy Desk Friend has seen the film. We talk about films that are never as good as the book and I tell her about the Greatest Betrayal of All, the film ending of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. We had a good chat about escalators and how she had nearly been crushed by a man who fell back on her on an escalator in some Underground Station. I told her how, as I child, I had been terrified by escalators because I always thought that when we came to the very top I would be swallowed up along with the stairs. 


So you can tell we had a good old natter. Had we had our knitting with us we could have formed a Knit and Natter Group of two. Though I rather doubt my Creepy Desk Fried is a knitter somehow. Not many sixteen year olds are these days. Sad to say. Anyway, however much we were enjoying our chat, we both knew we were there for a purpose but that, for one reason or another, the Kids Were Not Turning Up.


At which point, Angel Face turned up with two books, one about a Yeti and one about Batman, and Saved The Day.


“Tell us about this one,” I say, pointing to the Yeti book. Angel Face heaves a sigh.


“It was very confusing,” he says. “It started off confusing and then it got even more confusing until I reached the very last chapter.”


“And?” I prompt, “How did it all turn out?” He gave me a long, hard look.


“It was very confusing,” he says. I ask him if the book had any pictures, to which he nods. Did they help make the story any less confusing? I ask. No, he says, stoutly. My fault for not using open questions.


We decide to direct attention to the second book about Batman. Apparently the first chapter, entitled “Batman’s Busy Week” was the best. After that, the chapters grew increasingly – you guessed it – confusing.


“Who was your favourite character?” I ask. My Creepy Desk Friend gives me a “Did You Really Ask That Totally Stupid Question” look. “After Batman, of course,” I add, hurriedly. I think I got away with it. The answer is the mischievous Batmite, who, according to Angel Face’s long-suffering mother, bears a distinct resemblance to her son. 


We give him his sniff and scratch sticker and show him how to use his Fortune Teller which instructs him to “Pull a scary face”. He obliges.  Scary is one word for it.


After we have sent him off into the depths of the Children’s Library to choose two more, probably equally confusing, books, My Creepy Desk Friend grabs the Volunteers Timetable board to see if she can wangle a way of being on duty next Friday and so stand a chance of being on the Creepy Desk when Angel Face returns next week.


Confused or not, Angel Face has made our day....

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I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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