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Party preparations and Ben 10

Tomorrow, apparently, we are going to be really, really busy. Not just ordinary busy, you understand, but Super Busy. I have it on the highest authority - Sam told me.


Sam, you may remember, is the oldest of the Little Welsh Boys. It pains me to even think it but, at just turned seven, he is probably a little on on the old side to be called a "Little" Welsh boy. Why do children have to grow up? And so quickly, too?


That is as may be, but little or not, Sam is determined that tomorrow I must help set up the Scout Hall for brother James's birthday party. There is a birthday banner to be pinned to a wall, balloons to be blown up, sandwiches to be prepared, party bags to be filled. I am ready, dear reader, I am ready for anything. There is just be one problem and I am sure it is not insurmountable. This is to be a Ben 10 party. And I know little, if anything about Ben 10. Or Ben 6, 7 or 8 for that matter.


OK, if you were to line up an Octonaut, Mike the Knight, and Ben 10 and ask me  which one was Ben, I could probably make a good guess at it. However I am not at all sure that is good enough.


James's mother, the Darling Daughter in Law, is making a Ben 10 cake in the shape of an Omnitrix. This is very clever of her because the Omnitrix is apparently circular in shape, which is, of course, the easiest shape cake to make. Much easier than a figure 5 which is the grand age James will be.


I ask James about the Omnitrix, because it seems to me that this is as good a place as any to start. I don't quite understand it all, the way James tells it, but it seems to be all about aliens. Before party time I will need to get all clued up....


In the bath, we talk about driving lessons. Well, I am not in the bath myself, personally, I am supervising bath time. Or, to be strictly honest, I am perched on the toilet seat, chatting to the boys as they do their best to avoid the soap and flannel by keeping me talking.  Sam says he is pretty confident that he could drive a car already, the only thing he is not quite sure about is the gears. I tell him about my car's automatIc gear box. He is impressed.  He thinks it is not fair that he has to wait another ten years before he can have driving lessons, given how good he considers he would be behind the wheel already. Especially if he didn't have to worry about the gears.


Bedtime means another story about the Jolly Boy boat. Today we go to Dalmation Island.  The 101 Dalmatians have all had puppies, so the island is now over-run with spotty dogs. It is not one of my better stories but it has been a long day travelling. Maybe tomorrow we could go to to Ben 10 Island?


But only if I find time to do my homework...


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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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