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Scary Times and Spider Cake

I have handed over today's blog to Jack and Hazel, visiting for a couple of days with their mum, the Youngest of the Darling Daughters.


Well today was fun! (Jack speaking by the way). Once we arrived we went to the dentist (fun times), where I was slightly nervous as I thought I might need a filling! :O However, when we went in, the problem was just a slight discolouring in my tooth (thank god), so it was all sorted out with a paint tool and a hoover (don't ask). For dinner tonight we had sausage casserole, which was absolutely delish :D We were told the we had a spooky desert planned and boy they weren't joking. It was a cheesecake with a chocolate base and a green spider slime on top (nicer than it sounds) which I ate most of! So all in all a great day :)



Hey it's Hazel here! Today has been very eventful ;) the dentist went really well and he said my teeth were perfect (BOOYAH) and then to celebrate we ate lots and decayed our teeth :P I am in love with costa coffee!!!!!! Anyway, we went and brought me some really warm new jumpers, they are so comfy! At the post office, we met an adorable corgi called Pluto, he smiled non stop! Then at home, I saw some children trick or treating past the door so I knocked on the window and made them come to the door so I could have some friends! Shows how much of a life I have :P thanks for a great day nanna, love yah! :) 


More fun tomorrow when Young Faris comes to visit. Have you ever seen a more adorable skeleton? Thought not!


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26.10 | 14:21

Mmm, was it because there were '24 men kicking a ball' that it didn't end entirely satisfactorily???

15.10 | 11:13

I don't remember seeing this first time round.... but thank you for sharing with me. You write beautifully, and brought a tear to my eyes. Lots of love xx

10.10 | 21:37

Jaqui I think your grandchildren are very lucky. You have spurred me on to write a letter to Amelia who like Hazel is away from home for the first time. 💕

03.07 | 22:43

Wouldn't have missed it for the world. xx

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