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A New Month and the Happiness Challenge

March has come in, not so much like a lion but more like a frisky, playful lion cub. 


In our front garden, the daffy-down-dillies are all a-flower. Mr B reckons our garden boasts more daffodils than any other garden in the whole street.  I will check this out on Monday when I make the trek down to the Post Office at the bottom of the road to post off Young Faris’s birthday card. I will walk all the way there along one side, and all the way back along the other, giving each garden points out of ten – long-time blog readers may remember me telling you that this was a game my little sister and I used to play on our way to school all those many years ago. Mr B says I could just take his word for it.


The Merry Month of March, according to my diary, will be rather more Manic than Merry.  There is just so much going on.  This is what comes of being a Lady of Leisure...


Still, a busy life is a happy life, so they say and who am I to argue with them, whoever they are?  Talking of happiness, one of my latest projects is the “100 happy days” challenge, which I learnt about from my friend Cheryl, who is the daughter of my oldest friend (in terms of years of friendship, not age, I hasten to add.) The idea is to post a picture every single day, for 100 days, which summons up a happy feeling.  I am on Day 7 so far, which means there is a long way to go – but it is perfectly true that the challenge of finding something each day, every day, to capture in this way has made me actively look for things that make me happy. Which, in turn, makes me feel happy.


The challenge will come, I suppose, when a really, truly miserable day turns up. It will be raining – that horrible kind of rain which seeps through your clothing and makes you feel drenched even when you have changed out of all your wet clothes. It will be a day when Mr B is watching football on the TV and every one of the Darling Daughters is out when I phone them for a chat. (No use phoning My Boy – he will be watching the same football match as his dad.) It will be the day it is my turn to cook and we have run out of potatoes.  The newspapers and television will be full of bad news and I will guess the twist in the tale of the book I am reading a whole 123 pages from the end. I will discover an error in my latest knitting project and have to unravel row upon row.  In short, it will be One Of Those Days.  That, indeed, will be the true test of my 100 Happy Days challenge.


It’s quite a long time, isn’t it, 100 days? By the time I complete my challenge (and I am determined to complete it, one way or another) it will be the beginning of June. I may even add a few more days to my challenge so that I can finish it on my birthday. Now that will be what you might call A Happy Ending.


Having said that March is looking like a Manic Month, I have to admit that it has started with a rather restful weekend.  There was a trip to town on the bus this morning to buy Young Faris’s birthday present – a Whizz Around Garage. With two chunky cars, according to the blurb on the box.  The sales assistant in the Early Learning Centre said it was an excellent choice – they have one in the nursery where she works during the week and all the toddlers love it. It will also, I think, be just a little too large for Young Faris to pick it up and hurl it about the room (though the fate of the chunky cars is much less certain.)


 Our bus driver on the return trip was a Laugh A Minute Type. “Come on, come on, let’s be having you, one at a time please!” he exhorted the waiting queues at each bus stop. Every single person boarded the bus with a smile on his or her face. Perhaps he is working on his own bus driver’s version of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.  Next a lovely, leisurely lunch with a dear friend, a chance for a good catch-up.  Then an afternoon knitting away while watching all the TV programmes which Mr B taped while I was away with my little Welsh Boys. That’s what I call generous – not watching all our favourite programmes while I was away but saving them up for my return.  Last but not least, a phone call from the Eldest of the Darling Daughters, filling me in on all the news from the family ski trip.


All in all, a happy day to start the Manic Month of March!

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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