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April Fools, a Musical Conundrum and the Origin of Apple

Today is April Fools Day, in case you didn’t know.


I hadn’t remembered myself, to be honest, because since The Foursome grew up and flew the nest we have been relatively immune from targeted foolery.  Mr B doesn’t play tricks on me because he says I am so very gullible that it’s no fun. I don’t play tricks on him because, if I did, he would probably turn the tables on me, gullible or not. It would only end in tears.


I only realised it was April Fools Day when our friend Delia, who hosts the fortnightly afternoon cribbage session, showed me the BMW spoof advert in her newspaper. It was one of those April Fools adverts which you have to read very carefully to check for the tell-tale names and initials which held the clue to the fact that This Advert Was Not To be Taken Seriously.


Mr B loves to tell the story of when he was working on local newspapers in Kent. One of these newspapers printed a photograph purporting to show a frigate moored in the River Medway with an invitation to a Public Open Day. The truly excellent photo doctoring masked the indisputable fact that no such craft would ever be able to negotiate the low bridges across the Medway – so perfect a hoax that one of Mr B’s own colleagues turned up to the fictitious Open Day. You would think someone might have told him, wouldn’t you?


Delia and her fella Jim needed our help on a particularly tricky crossword puzzle – they had solved all the cryptic clues and following the instructions had come up with this set of musical notes:




Apparently, when played, these notes should form a tune which has something to do with colours. Well, we all hummed some approximation of the notes, even Penny who, by her own admission, can’t sing for toffee (why do we say that? It doesn’t make any sense, not really, does it?)In the end we had to give up humming or we would have spent the whole afternoon at it and we would not have managed a single game of cribbage which was, after all, what we were all there for. Well, that and the biscuits...


When we got home, I tried out the tune using GarageBand, which grandson Jack had installed for me on the Us-Pad.  I still couldn’t make out the tune but it gave me a great sense of personal satisfaction to think that I had finally found a use for the GarageBand application. Even if it had been no use, if you get my meaning. Jack would doubtless be proud of me.


It’s not the only puzzle that has set me pondering. Last night at Short Mat Bowls we had a Fish and Chips Supper. (A couple of people had sausages, to be strictly accurate, but a Sausage, Fish and Chip Supper doesn’t have the same ring to it.) Despite the fish and chips, it was a rather sad occasion as it was our very last meeting. Our club is closing after something like 20 years. Mr B and I have only been members for about eighteen months but we still felt sad. Just as I had almost learnt how to avoid that annoying block of wood in the middle of the mat!


Before and after the Fish and Chips, we were entertained with two quizzes.  The first one was all about confectionery with clues like “Wobbly Infants” equalling Jelly Babies.  We scored 17 out of 20 on that one but failed on ”Comes Out at Night” which I interpreted as Starburst but was actually Milky Way.  I think I could have raised an objection but decided to accept the verdict with good grace.


When it came to the second quiz, however, I really did have to protest. The question was, what record label did the Beatles record under in 1960? Easy, we said, it was Parlophone. No, no, said our quiz master, it was Apple.  What utter rubbish, we said (or words to that effect) – but as we won the quiz anyway there was no point in fussing.  We won a packet of shortbread biscuits which will please Delia no end tomorrow afternoon when we host our Nomination Whist group because they are her Number One favourite biscuits.


I checked it out via Google this morning and, as we said, the Beatles didn’t form the Apple Corps until 1967.


Apple Corps! I’ve only just got the joke, all these years later.


What an April Fool I am!

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Jaye | Reply 08.04.2014 16:26

Did you ever figure out the CGGECCDDECC song?

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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