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In Which I Search for the Perfect Present

I am struggling to know what to buy Young Morgan (aka The Duracell Bunny because he never, ever stops) for his second birthday which is in ten days’ time. What do you buy a boy whose brothers have everything?


This is the problem with the Third In Line. Over the years, his older brothers have amassed the usual assortment of toys large and small, most of which have been kept in as reasonable condition as any toys which find themselves in a household of three boys. As the Big Boys grew out of certain toys, they were packed away in the loft (the toys, not the boys) to be retrieved as and when The Duracell Bunny was old enough to appreciate them.  There is still a cornucopia of playthings to be re-discovered and recycled.  Whatever can we buy that will be “just what he wanted”?


We don’t have a very good track record where presents for Young Morgan are concerned. When he was about to be born, we scoured the shops for a large teddy, to keep up a family tradition started when our eldest grand-daughter, Katie was born.  Every one of our Extraordinary Eight grandchildren can point out the Big Ted (or in Faris’s case, Big Panda) that marked his or her birth. For some reason, at the time of Morgan’s birth, large teddies were nowhere to be found. We were getting quite desperate, Mr B and me – and a desperate Mr B is not a pretty sight, I’ll have you know.  All at once we saw one, just one, in a shop window.  We didn’t stop to think, we just bought it there and then, thankful that we had met the challenge, that our new grandchild would not be deprived of his birthright.  


It wasn’t until we arrived home with our lucky purchase that we realised we had bought, not a Big Ted, but a Simply Enormous One.  I sat him on the bed in the front bedroom, lolling against the cushions (Mr B hates cushions on beds. He simply doesn’t “get” them at all. If Mr B had his way we would live in a Cushion-less World.) Just looking at Enormous Ted, and contrasting him with the small, neat teddy which we won in a draw on Bournemouth promenade, many years ago, but which still sits on the spare bed, and I could see he was Far Too Big.


Mr B scoffed at my fears. In his view Bigger Always Means Better. Some people, he grumbled, are never satisfied. Had we not succeeded in our search? Had we not handed over a not inconsiderable sum of money to procure the only teddy in town? What was the matter with me?


So I pushed my fears to one side and awaited the birth of Grandchild Number Seven. When the call came there was just time to buy an "It’s A Boy" balloon and place Enormous Ted into the back seat of the car, securing him with the seat belt, before heading off to Wales to meet the latest addition to the family.  Arriving at the hospital, the Big Boys were enraptured at the sight of Enormous Ted. They take after their grandfather in as far as reckoning that Big Is Best. Their parents looked decidedly less pleased. You could see them trying to work out exactly how they would find room for such an inconveniently large new house guest. Young Morgan, just a few hours old, didn’t really care one way or the other.


Not all our presents have been such unqualified disasters. The talking puppy went down pretty well, as did the Gruffalo Trunki last Christmas.  Now I need just one really, really good idea for the Littlest Welsh Boy’s second birthday.  He is such a special boy, our Duracell Bunny. Whatever we buy must be appropriately special. Your ideas would be more than welcome.  It has to be something Young Morgan will absolutely love, something he will want to play with all the time. 


Something not too large...

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I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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