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Strawberry Tea, A Long Meeting and the Mythical Maze

I am sitting in my lovely friend’s beautiful back garden.  The three of us (Ladies Who Lunch) have willingly turned ourselves into Ladies Who Partake of Afternoon Tea. We are sipping Prosecco with little pieces of strawberries floating elegantly on top. It is an oasis of calm in the middle of my busy day.


Our hostess brings us scones, with thick clotted cream and strawberry jam, followed by strawberries and cream and biscuits to die for.  As one who is (as regular readers well know) Always Thinking About My Stomach, I do feel, indeed, as if I have died and gone to heaven.


I needed this sweet space to sit, reflect and chat. Even without the strawberries it would have been a precious time. With strawberries, it was even better. What is more, my friend had bought (from a local charity shop) a totally beautiful tea pot from which to pour the cuppas which brought our tea party to a close. It was bright yellow in colour, round in shape, a veritable Prince among Tea Pots. Even I, an inveterate coffee drinker, felt the urge to quaff from it. What a wonderful word that is – quaff.  I shall try my hardest to bring it into my conversations over the next day or so, or at least until another similarly delicious word takes my fancy.


I had had a really busy morning, chairing a Board Meeting which went on for rather longer than I wanted.  The only person who can be blamed for this is, of course, the person chairing the meeting. That’ll be me, then.  It’s difficult though, isn’t it, to achieve a balance between a good debate with everyone having a chance to state their views – and a well-timed meeting? Don’t answer that unless it’s with an affirmative. I am in need of positive strokes at the moment.


After the meeting three of us repaired to the community centre across the road to enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat. I am indebted to my two companions who still wanted to talk to me after a meeting lasting two and  a half hours (and a bit.) It is possible, of course, that they were just in desperate need of a bowl of soup and a sandwich...


I refrained from eating anything because I knew I was going to be treated to strawberry tea in the afternoon.  It was a Very Good Decision on my part.


After the Strawberry Tea, I had a date at the Library for my Induction on this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. I didn’t partake of any of the biscuits on offer because (i) I was full of strawberries and (ii) they were bourbon biscuits which  am not particularly keen on (though they used to be my Dad’s favourite.)  Over the forthcoming weeks I am sure I will be regaling regular readers with my experiences as a volunteer on this year's Summer Reading Challenge but for now all you need to know is that the theme is The Mythical Maze and, even more importantly, we volunteers are being given tee-shirts for the first time ever plus a badge and a little booklet in which we can record all the hours we have volunteered. Most of the volunteers are aged between 14 and 18 and none of them appeared to be quite so excited as I was about this bountiful gesture. Little things....


Home again and Mr B and I compare our days.  He does have one eye on the cricket and the other on the football but we do manage some sympathetic sharing of the events of our respective days. We haven’t had to spend time cooking because we had defrosted a curry from the freezer, one of two extra meals left over from my last Curry Cooking Session. Mr B also has a surprise for me – strawberries for pudding.  I decide not to go into too much detail about my afternoon tea.


After all, you can never, ever have too many strawberries. Can you?

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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