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Sex Pot, Old Git and a Special Delivery

Early this morning, a Special Delivery! How very exciting...

I can't remember ever having Postman Pat (or even Patricia) arriving at our house with a Special Delivery. In fact this morning I have to admit that I was still in bed when the ring on the door bell pierced my consciousness. Fortunately Mr B was already up and about, so I turned over, ignored the door bell and enjoyed the Rewind at Nine on the radio. This is a half hour of tunes and news clips from a particular year which listeners are invited to guess. I used to listen to it a lot when I was a Working Gal, enjoying a Saturday morning lie-in but since I retired I have rather felt such a long lie-in was an Indulgence Too Far. This morning, having had a wakeful night, I decided to stay abed. I had no idea, of course, that I was missing out on the Special Delivery...

Once the Rewind at Nine was finished (the year in question was 1997, if you need to know. I was a year or two out) I persuaded myself out of bed and trotted downstairs to find Mr B in a highly excitable mood, brandishing the Special Delivery envelope and saying he had a surprise for me.

I love surprises. Especially surprises that involve special anniversaries, dear friends and food. Our Special Delivery contained an invite from some of our oldest friends to their Golden Wedding lunch next Saturday. It therefore ticked every box.

These particular friends lived next door but one to us when our children were growing up. Mr B calls them "Sex Pot" and "Old Git". You have to be really, really good friends with people to get away with that. I telephoned them to let them know that of course we would be there (all the time thanking our lucky stars that next Saturday was more or less the only clear day in the calendar for the entire month of September.)

Sex Pot explained that Old Git had already come up trumps with anniversary celebrations - it was a good story. He had told his Best Beloved that he had been able to book a cheap holiday somewhere Up North which he was sure she would enjoy. Sex Pot was not at all impressed and had given him considerable grief about his parsimonious approach to one of the most special events of their life. She was apparently still bending his ear as they drove to their destination - which turned out to be a beautiful converted barn where their whole family - son, daughter, grandchildren - were waiting for them, ready for the kind of Family Holiday she had always wanted. I was welling up as she told me all about it. Nobody deserved such a special Golden Wedding Celebration more than my dear friend.

Now she is looking forward to Part 2 of the celebrations and so are we. Apparently we will know all the other guests because they are former neighbours of ours. We just hope we will recognise them all. Or at least some of them. I hope Mr B and I will be sitting next to each other so that we can whisper in each other's ear if we are puzzling over somebody's identity. It is, after all, 29 years since we left the village and it is possible that we have all changed a bit over the years. 

Sex Pot tells me that most of the other guests still live in the village. In fact, nobody else was sent their invitation by Special Delivery.

It's such a good feeling don't you know?

Feeling special, that is.

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I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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