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In Which Faris Shows Off His New Car

Guess what? I have a new car! How exciting is that?

OK, we may have to rewind a bit because you are possibly thinking that Nanni has a new car, when actually this is me, Faris, writing the Daily Blog again. I know it is only a short time since my last blog but I so wanted to tell you all about my new car and Nanni said she was happy to hand over to me again. She had a busy day, spending the morning at the garden centre and the afternoon at the library. As Mummy would probably say, Nanni leads the Life of Old Riley. I wonder who Old Riley is and whether he is as old as Nanni who has reached, as you well know, a Great Age. To be honest, however, I have a lot of other things to think about at the moment so if you don't mind I will think about Old Riley later.

I must say I thought I would have to be a lot older before I started driving, probably as much as two years old even, but it seems I am Quite Old Enough. I should explain that my new car isn't exactly brand new, it's what you call second hand. It used to belong to Jack and Hazel's other grandmother - as in the grandmother who isn't Nanni. She isn't my grandmother but she must be very fond of me, don't you think, or she wouldn't have given me the car. Jack and Hazel used to drive the car when they were younger, and so did their cousins Alfred and Edgar but now they have all outgrown it so it has been handed down to me. Epic!

I wonder if you have seen cars like mine? It is red and yellow with a high roof, plus doors which open and close, a horn for sounding when people get in the way, and pedals for propelling it forwards and backwards though at the moment I find my feet work perfectly well. Mummy and Daddy keep the family car and the taxi cab out on the front drive but I prefer to have my car inside the house so that I can sit in it to watch TV. In fact, Mummy is finding it difficult to prise me out of the driving seat, even for bath time.

My cousin Katie has just passed her Driving Theory Test first time. This is a great achievement. I don't know what "theory" is but it sounds hard to me which is why it must be such an achievement to pass first time. I don't quite understand what she passed, either, presumably she was driving along and drove past a theory which had been put in her path to test her. Mummy says that these days you have to pass your Theory Test before you are allowed to drive on the road but that's okay because I am quite happy, for the moment, to keep to the house and back garden. Then, in a little while, say two or three months, I will take my Theory Test. I imagine I will pass first time, like Katie. Once I have found out what theory is.

It's good that we all have motor cars now, Daddy, Mummy and me. We are a three car family. When the Twins are born they will be too small to drive for ages and ages but when they are bigger I will be able to teach them because that's what Big Brothers do. I expect this means I will have to let them share my car but that's okay with me. I might tell them they will have to pass their theory test first though. Just to be on the safe side.

I spend hours and hours a day playing with my new car. Sometimes I am happy enough just climbing in and out and closing the door behind me - over and over again. I never, ever get tired of it. I think this possibly means that I could be a racing driver when I am grown up, maybe two and a half years old or so. Though I may have to drive a bit faster than I do at the moment. Alternatively I could be a bus driver, there can't be too much difference, can there? I know a song about bus drivers and how they blow their horns. When we sing this particular verse of the song, Mummy always presses my nose and makes a beeping noise. She thinks I don't know that she is making the noise not my nose but I am clever like that. I don't want to spoil her fun so I just have a giggle every time she does it. Mummy loves it when I giggle, it's worth it just to see her face, especially when she is feeling a bit poorly. I can always cheer her up, though I say so myself as shouldn't (as both Nanni and my great-grandmother would say.) Fortunately I don't think I have to make a decision yet about being either a bus driver or a racing driver, there's lots of time. Plus I still haven't completely dismissed the idea of being a lifeguard, as I told you before. Lifeguards, after all, get to drive beach buggies which are very like my new car, except bigger.


So there you have it - my exciting news. I am the proud owner of a motor vehicle of quite outstanding quality. Unlike Mummy and Daddy's cars it doesn't need to be filled up constantly with expensive diesel, nor does it have an engine which might go wrong, or tyres which need replacing when they get worn down. I don't know why everybody doesn't buy a trouble-free car just like mine. Think of the roads full of red and yellow cars, all being pedalled furiously by their owners on their way to wherever they are going. The roads would surely be much quieter, more colourful places.

In theory, at least.


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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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