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Fairy Liquid in Pantomime and a Biological Test

The pantomime fairy was called Fairy Liquid. Which probably tells you everything you need to know...

I'm not the greatest fan of the pantomime (Mr B likes them more than I do) but this panto was so overwhelmingly corny that I was giggling all the way through. The jokes came thick and fast meaning that we missed every other one as we were laughing too much. The only trouble being that all the jokes I remember were so politically incorrect that I hesitate to repeat them on the Daily Blog for fear of offending.

Driving to the Youngest of the Darling Daughters' home, Mr B (quite reasonably) asked what pantomime we were going to see. I prevaricated a little before suggesting that it was Snow White. Or, possibly, Cinderella. Mr B rolled his eyes. He thought I couldn't see him, me being driving and everything, but I caught him rolling his eyes by squinting sideways while pretending to check in my wing mirror.

In the end it turned out that I was spectacularly wrong. It was Beauty and the Beast we were going to see. Starring Dani Harmer (of Tracy Beaker fame), Lee from Steps, and Bobby Davro ("just about the only Eighties celeb who hasn't been arrested!" he quipped.) Also. even more importantly, starring our grand-daughter, Hazel, and five of her chums from JG Dance.

Maybe the production was a little short on the original story (one of my favourite fairy tales) but it was rich on slapstick, water pistols, "pick on a member of the audience" moments (always the greatest of fun provided you are not actually the member of the audience being picked on) and general panto mayhem. Our girl and her friends danced beautifully and were on stage for far longer than we had anticipated. Because it was the last night of the production's Easter holiday run, there was a lot of unscripted larking about. I do love a bit of Larking About. It was a Good Evening Out in every sense of the word.

After the show we went round to the Stage Door to applaud Our Hazel when she emerged. Being Hazel, one who likes to take her time saying cheerio to everyone, we knew we would be in for a long wait. Never mind, in the meantime we had our photo taken with Lee-from-Steps and he and I had an interesting conversation, as I reported to the Y of the DDs afterwards. What about? she wanted to know. Well, I said: "Great show!" To which he responded: "Glad you enjoyed it!" A wealth of conversation in just six words.

I was reminded of a time at school when we welcomed back from the Rome Olympics one of our pupils, Natalie Steward, who had won silver and bronze medals in the swimming. Proudly I told my family that the Famous One had actually spoken to me. What did she say? my father, mother, brothers and sister wanted to know. What she actually said to me was: "Is this your milk?"

Considering we didn't have too many hours to play with, we packed a great deal in to our short stay with the Youngest of the Darling Daughters and her lovely family. I tested Jack on his AS level biology and learnt quite a lot about the workings of the heart and lungs. I can't remember any of the biological terminology but, let's face it, what more can you expect from someone who can't tell her Beauty from her Cinderella?

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21.05 | 10:09

I'm needing to find information about the usher family tree for my aunty, her great grandparent where Thomas and Phoebe Usher would I've been researching

21.05 | 10:03

Hi Karen,
I'm helping my aunt with her family tree her maiden name was usher. do you have any other information or found anything about the usher family

18.04 | 17:19

Oh that's such a good read Jaqui! It's great to see it through your eyes, and you capture it beautifully... and you will indeed look like real athletes too!

21.02 | 22:41


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