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Jelly on a Plate and Being A Hero

We were sitting in the Putting Green Cafe and I was trying to get my raspberry jelly out of its little pot and into my mouth without it wobbling off the spoon, down my best coat and onto the floor. Nanni was not a great help as she kept laughing and singing some strange song about jelly on a plate, wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate. The fact is that the jelly was in a pot, not on a plate - but then I have noticed that Nanni is never too worried about minor discrepancies between fact and fiction.

This is Faris, by the way, taking over the Daily Blog while Nanni searches round the house trying to find all the things that are now in different places to usual. Some of this Object Displacement is down to me, I must confess. For example, I took all the batteries out of the bottom kitchen drawer and I have found a new home for them and for the ladybird, the one which Nanni uses to time how long food should stay in the oven. I wonder if she will ever find them? I wonder how many dinners will burn while she tries to track down The Spotted One? Mummy plays the same game, except that she mostly moves breakable objects out of my reach. It's good to think I have been able teach her a new game, it just goes to show that you are Never Too Old To Learn.

Back to the Jelly and, would you believe it, Mummy joined in with the Wibble Wobble Song. What is it about my Nanni and my Mummy that they have to join in with each other? Honestly, it was SO embarrassing, I saw this other boy looking at us and I could just imagine what he was thinking, as in, how glad he was that they didn't belong to him. Fortunately Tala saw what was going on and came to the rescue by demanding milk so Mummy had to stop singing and start sorting out bottles and muslins and bibs. Saved by my sister. She really does have her uses.

We were all having a day out in Littlehampton which is a seaside. Nanni says that in the Olden Days, it was known as The Children's Paradise. I don't exactly know what a "paradise" is but I am thinking that it's another word for "playground". After we had parked the car, we set off along what Nanni calls "the prom, prom, prom". I was on my scooter and you should have seen how fast I went, Mummy had to run to keep up with me. I may only have short legs but they are very efficient when it comes to powering along the prom, prom, prom. Oh, for heaven's sake, did I just say that? This repetition business sure is catching. Mummy said I was like Evel Knievel, whoever he was. Nanni explained that he was a daredevil so I expect he could travel quite fast on a three-wheeled scooter too. Though probably not as fast as I can.

I scooted all along the prom and then all along the river, right up to the Lifeboat Station, with Mummy running along behind me trying unsuccessfully to catch up and Nanni following on, a long way behind, pushing the Twinkles in the Big Purple Buggy and making appreciative noises about the regeneration of the riverside. No, I don't know what regeneration means but I imagine it is A Good Thing.

Do you know about lifeboats? They go out to sea and save people from drowning. The people who man the lifeboats are Very, Very Brave. Nanni said so and she is generally right about that kind of thing, even though she is, by her own admission, the Least Brave Person she knows. There was a kind person at the Lifeboat Station who gave me a colouring sheet with a picture of a lifeboatman on it. Then, possibly because she saw I looked a little under-whelmed (it's not that I don't like colouring, you understand, but I am more of an Action Man myself) she asked if I would like to wear a lifeboatman's helmet and scarf? Would I, just! As you can see from the photo accompanying today's blog, I looked like Daddy in his motor-cycle helmet. But without the motorbike.

The kind lady (I don't think she could have been a lifeboatman herself as she didn't have a helmet on) drew the line at me actually sitting in a lifeboat. I think she had quickly summed me up as a Rampaging Rascal and decided that I might wreak altogether too much havoc in Blue Peter 1. Which is only fair, to be honest. Nevertheless, when I am much older, maybe three years old or so, I think I would like to be a member of the lifeboat crew and save lives and make my Nanni proud. Either that or a Super Hero. Though Nanni says they are more or less the same thing...

Tala and Lilia say: Prince George has a new baby sister. We imagine he is a bit bewildered by events, suddenly finding himself a Big Brother and all, but we can assure him that he will soon grow accustomed to it. We have a Big Brother and he is Our Hero so we are confident that Prince George will soon assume Hero Status as far as the new Princess is concerned.

Apparently some people are asking what all the fuss is about but we reckon that every new baby is a miracle and every baby girl is a princess to her Daddy. We know we are to ours.

Of course, Prince George only has one sister while our brother Faris has two of us. It just goes to show that you can't have everything, you know, even if you are third in line to the throne. Whatever that means. You can't expect us to know everything when we are not quite five months old. Maybe when we are a lot older, say six months or so...?

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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