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June 15th: Retirement is not without its challenges.  Here are two of mine!


Firstly we are now down to one car.  No more the luxury of one car each and the freedom of movement that provides.  This is, of course, a wholly sensible move but it does mean a delicate process of negotiation every time Mr B wants to go bowling at the same time as I have booked a gym session.   So far, so good and we have both managed to get where we want to be, when we want to be there - plus there's always the bus (LOVE my free bus pass!) 


Secondly, all the radios in our house appear to be tuned to Radio 5 (otherwise known, I believe, as "Bloke Radio.")  To constantly retune would be sure to cause all kinds of aggravation to us both - so I have nabbed a radio all to myself, permanently tuned to Radio 4.


I'm cooking again today!  After years of Mr B doing all the cooking (yes, friends, I have always been a very lucky wife!) I am keen to share and share alike.  I do seem to have gone back into the Seventies in terms of the delights I am serving up when it's my turn at the cooker.  Bear in mind that in those days I was cooking for a family of six, and you will see why I need to get my portion size under control.....

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Hilary Adli | Reply 17.06.2012 11.35

I remember your meat pie Mum.... Your pastry was always the best even if you didn't measure anything!! Good job ( like the decorative leaves.. Nice touch) x

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Yesterday | 11:06

Will you be OK for the op? If you care for someone like you do, there isn't anyone to care for you. So glad that Kay and Louise were around that day.

15.11 | 22:04

Hope you're OK. xx

24.09 | 18:00

I’m glad you liked it, Sally. Jaqui x

24.09 | 08:25

Beautiful piece. Thank you. Sally

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