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Thursday 21st June

No, the trophies pictured do not bear testimony to my sporting prowess.  But daily readers will have guessed that anyway.  Rather, these are the trophies we will be presenting later this season to the Winners and Runners-Up in the Ladies Pairs competition at Mr B's bowls club - the Frank Ball Memorial Cup in memory of Mr B's lovely Dad.  Our thanks to C&M Trophies in Littlehampton for their help.


Our Dynamic Cleaning Duo came today, as they do every Thursday.  Possibly an extravagance in this new retirement lifestyle - but as they can do more housework in an hour and a half than I can manage in a whole week, we think it's one extravagance we will do our best to maintain.  Apart from anything else, the Dynamic Duo tease Mr B mercilessly, which makes their weekly visits especially entertaining from my point of view........


My pedometer has turned over a new leaf since I complained about it yesterday.  Today it is telling me that I have walked 4237 steps so far - just on one trip to the chemist and a visit to Tescos.  Way to go!

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22.08 | 02:02


I'll be able to help you with information on the usher's as Thomas Henry Usher is my aunt's ancestor as well can you please email me so we can talk

22.08 | 02:00

Hi Karen,

I thought I would try again to see if I can get a response from you again please email me so we can talk further. My email is: lol-emma@live.com.au

08.08 | 22:28

Hello Najla
Your daughter’s already loved toys are being loved all over again by my trio. It’s destiny, indeed... xx

08.08 | 15:07

Hi Najla, how lovely to hear from you. I can assure you and your daughter that the princesses and the poo have gone to a very good home!

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