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Wednesday 18th July

It's time for an update, I feel, on exactly where I am with some of the major projects I have embarked on, in these post-retirement days.  Where possible, I will try to cross-refer you to previous blog postings.  Where this is not possible, I won't.


First, aqua-aerobics (see Thursday 5th July.)  Yes, I was jumping up and down in the water again this morning in my ceaseless bid to improve my fitness.  Our instructor has started a whole new routine which involves undertaking different moves but not on the spot.  Instead we have to jump, or twist, or rock backwards, forwards and sideways at her command.  If we could all get it right it would probably look quite impressive.  Down at my end of the pool, as per usual, everyone is doing it my way......


 Next, the weekly litter pick ( see various previous postings.)  Well, take a bow, Palatine Road!  Less than a pound and a half of rubbish collected today, and most of that in the vicinity of the shopping parade and the public house.  I did make the sad find of a battered and somewhat soggy thankyou card, from a child called Shona to someone whose name I couldn't decipher.  Shona wrote how pleased she was with the book she had been given as a present. "I love it!"  I couldn't bring myself to consign such a heartfelt message to my bin-bag so I left it on top of a wall.  I tried, without success, to find a stone or something to weigh it down so it wouldn't blow away.  I suppose I could have used one of the several empty bottles I'd picked up along the way but I decided this would send out quite the wrong message. 


And finally, the Clearing Out The Garage project (again numerous postings - I do hope I'm not boring you all.)  This is progressing well in that it is now possible to walk from one end of the garage to the other, with only a few obstacles to negotiate.  Mr B has taken an axe to the old cupboard in which he kept all the old, half-empty paint pots, paint brushes, rusty tools and odd bits of wood which might one day come in handy but never have over the last 26 years.  Mr B, wielding an axe, was indeed an impressive sight.  Transporting the pieces of cupboard down to the tip (sorry, Household Waste Amenity Site) has, however, left my car in a terrible state so I shall have to embark on cleaning it before the grand-daughters come to stay.


And in case you are wondering why there is a picture of a cat accompanying today's blog - well, this is no ordinary cat.  This is Maxie, my latest Facebook friend.  Communicating with Maxie via Facebook is something of a challenge but I am keen to persevere.  Alternatively I could just suggest he pores (or paws?) over the Daily Blog each day......

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28.12 | 07:41

This wonderful blog has summed up the true meaning of A Christmas Day. Once the dread of a restricted day had sunk in, other ways were invented. Thank you

22.12 | 09:20

So sorry to hear that Brian is in hospital. It would be bad at any time but at present....... It must be true agony for you. You'll both be in my thoughts. xx

22.08 | 02:02


I'll be able to help you with information on the usher's as Thomas Henry Usher is my aunt's ancestor as well can you please email me so we can talk

22.08 | 02:00

Hi Karen,

I thought I would try again to see if I can get a response from you again please email me so we can talk further. My email is: lol-emma@live.com.au

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