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Wednesday 29th August

Today we organised a Beach Day.


This is how we did it.  We decided we would have a Beach Day.  We invited friends.  We studied the weather forecast and, inexplicably, opted for the day when the weather was promised to be the worst of the whole week.  Undaunted, that was us.  We made cheese rolls and ham rolls; we filled flasks of coffee; we packed my Jubilee Union Jack cool bag. I do like to exhibit a certain patriotic streak, especially when picnicking.  I like to think Her Maj would approve. If she ever got to hear about it. Which is unlikely. In the extreme. 


We told ourselves that, with a little bit of luck and a fair wind, the bad weather might just pass us by.  We congratulated ourselves on being optimistic by nature and agreed that this was a Very Good Way To Be.


So, we set up on the beach at Littlehampton, under grey and gloomy skies.  This was where Zoe, Connor and Zoe's Mum found us - if they thought we were quite, quite mad then they were either too polite to say so, or so hungry that they needed a cheese roll badly and were therefore prepared to ignore the spots of rain which were already falling, forerunners of the downpour which was shortly to follow.


I think we probably managed about twenty minutes in all on the beach.  Which included the time spent uprooting the windbreak which had previously taken us ten minutes to plant.  But we know how to face life's little difficulties, to turn a disaster into a triumph.  Harbour Park! The Dodgems! The Waltzer! Plus a quite terrifying ride involving pedal cycles.  Then off for a (very) long swim at the Swimming Centre before our return home to a fish 'n'chip supper and a seasonal film.  Called Nativity. 


Nativity is, of course, about the birth of a baby.  And today I am thrilled beyond words to be able to write that the Middle of the Darling Daughters is expecting a much-longed-for baby in March next year.   She chose to announce the news halfway through dinner one evening on our Family Holiday last week and I think it fair to say that there was not a dry eye in the house.  The Usher Gene was in overflow.  Some time later - "Shall I be mum?" she asked, picking up the serving spoon to dish out our dessert.  Cue more tears.


It's just like our Beach Day.  It's the triumph of hope.  And it was meant to be.

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Alison Pavitt | Reply 30.08.2012 10.50

Gosh - I'm filling up reading this too! That is truly, truly wonderful news, congratulations to everyone!! You'll have to rename the Magnificent Seven! xxx

Alison | Reply 30.08.2012 09.33

Another one with tears in their eyes, after reading the last paragraph. This is the best news x

Mark | Reply 30.08.2012 01.10

I'm choking up, just reading the last paragraph. How typical of Hilary to be so predictably unpredictable. Keep on blogging AJ! xxx

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Yesterday | 10:09

I'm needing to find information about the usher family tree for my aunty, her great grandparent where Thomas and Phoebe Usher would I've been researching

Yesterday | 10:03

Hi Karen,
I'm helping my aunt with her family tree her maiden name was usher. do you have any other information or found anything about the usher family

18.04 | 17:19

Oh that's such a good read Jaqui! It's great to see it through your eyes, and you capture it beautifully... and you will indeed look like real athletes too!

21.02 | 22:41


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