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Friday 31st August

Hello!!! Jack here!! Today I've been given the responsibility of starting off my Nan's Daily Blog :D!! What a privilege!! Today, we had a very "action" filled day!!! To start with we headed off to Littlehampton and went to the exciting place of Harbour Park!! There, we went on 5 rides each (me and Hazel) and typically, knowing Hazel, we had to go on the elephant/camel/toad ride where you pull a lever to go up or down! (You should know the ride.) What I didn't know was that the buttons on the side played very old kiddie music!!! (Sarcastic) ... FUN ... Remind me never to do that again!!!


After this we decided we would try out "ACTION BOATS!!!" and, boy, was that fun!!! We did loads of twists and turns and even reached 45 mph!!! (This is fast for a boat!) Near the end the driver managed to do a couple of doughnuts (only some of you will understand the meaning of this). And that was only up until lunch!!! :D


Hiyaaaa :) Hazel here! And today was soooo excitingggg! Apart from when I was getting off the action boat I stubbed my bad toe (read the blog a few days before) and it hurt... A LOT! I had to take off my plaster and find a new one, but we were on the side of the road in Littlehampton! So we went into a gift shop, me hobbling across the road like a wally, and asked if they sold plasters. Unfortunately they didn't, but the shop keeper suddenly said 'Do you want a plaster? I carry one around loosely?' So we were like YESSSSSS PLEAASEEEEEE and took it :) AND IT WAS BLUEEEEEE! I was happy with my blue toe like a smurf Wildhehe:)


Then we went to Esporta, and swam for ageesssss! Jack was insisting on doing 40 lengths, so I had a seahorse race with myself and then swam underwater for a bit, it was actually really fun! Thankyou for an amazing day, Nanna and Grandad, we really enjoyed it! Big Grin xx


And finally: Every year, for at least the last ten years, we have composed a Seaside Song to remind us of our holiday.  It never gets finished until the very last day which inevitably means a sleepless night for me, because of the words and rhymes going round and round in my head.  To fail to deliver the Seaside Holiday Song would be little short of a disaster.


This year, Jack and Hazel have uniformly decided that they are "too old" (in other words, too grown-up) for such childish activity.  Bearing in mind I am more than 50 years older than they are, I find this a little difficult to believe but they are adamant.


Obviously I am disregarding every argument.  This is allowed if you are a Nan.  Especially if you are Jack and Hazel's Nan.  So here, for your delight, is the first verse of our Seaside Song 2012.  Please sing along, to the tune of "Give my regards to Broadway".


"This isn't to be a long song

You're lucky that we have one at all.

It's only through sheer determination

Of tenacious Nanni Ball.

A pity to have no record

Of our holiday in 2012,

So we're jolly well having a Seaside Song

If I have to sing it by myself!"


So there....

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I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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