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Thursday 13th September

I always loved Windy Miller from Camberwick Green on children's TV.  Does anyone else remember him?  He used to sing a tuneful little ditty about the sails of his windmill: "Like a bird he'll watch the wind and listen for the sound / Which says he has the wind he needs to make the sails go round."  I'm even humming the tune in my head as I write today's blog. Altogether now: "Aaahh!"


I was reminiscing happily about Windy Miller this morning when I made a trip to the High Salvington Mill, situated up on the hill above Worthing.  How come I've lived here so long and never visited it before?  Now I am retired and a lady of leisure (apparently) I plan to visit lots of the places I have quite shamefully managed to miss over the years.  It can be another of my retirement projects, to be documented in this blog from time to time.  I could call it the "Visiting Places I Should Have Visited Before Project."  You are all agog, I can tell.


We had to study our book of local maps to check out our route - it was a rather old map book but we thought we were pretty safe that the windmill, having existed since around 1750, would be included.  It was.  What is more, it was right next to Mill Road, which was a bit of a giveaway.


It wasn't a complete whim on our part to pay a visit to this beautiful mill.  Mr B and I, you see, have joined a group called The Questers, whose aim is to set out on regular trips - or quests - to various interesting places where we've never been before.  Right up our street, we agreed.  So here we were, on a beautiful sunny morning, off on our first trip with the Questers.  And here we were again, clambering up high into the mill to check out its workings and to hear all about it, first-hand, from one of the great bunch of volunteers (that includes you, Lucy!) who have brought this splendid building back into working order and opened it up for others to enjoy.


Thanks to our guide Bob, I now know the difference between a post mill and a smock mill (OK, perhaps you did already, smarty-pants that you are, but I didn't) and I have personally, with a little bit of a help from another Quester, shifted the windmill round a fraction, creating alarm among the other half of our party who were inside. 


What's more, I now know the answer to something which always puzzled my children and me (plus countless other Camberwick Green followers, I imagine) - how was it, exactly, that Windy Miller always managed to escape being hit by the sails when entering or leaving his windmill?


Sorry, I'm not telling!

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Steven | Reply 14.09.2012 23.31

Having bought the full set of Camberwick green I know that the reason Windy never gets hit by the sails is .... Because he's always pis*ed on cider!!!!

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21.05 | 10:09

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21.05 | 10:03

Hi Karen,
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18.04 | 17:19

Oh that's such a good read Jaqui! It's great to see it through your eyes, and you capture it beautifully... and you will indeed look like real athletes too!

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