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Monday 17th September

Good news!  Mumsnet, the extraordinary network for mothers-on-line, has picked up on the Daily Blog!  So, just as soon as I post my blog each day, it is also posted by Mumsnet to their whole community of mums (and dads and grandparents.....)


If you have arrived at the Daily Blog via Mumsnet - then, a warm welcome to my world.  You might want to take a browse around the website as a whole while you are here.  The Daily Blog is a light-hearted look at life from my perspective - if you want a bit more depth than is to be found in my insightful ramblings, then you might like to click on my News & Views page.  If you are a book-lover, try the Book Page.  If cooking is your forte, then you probably won't want to visit the Cook Book page which is mostly full of recipes I make with the grandchildren.


I wish there had been something like Mumsnet around when I was a nineteen-year-old first-time mum in the 1960s.  I'm sure I wouldn't have felt so lonely - or so afraid whether I was doing right by my poor babe through my trial-and-error approach to motherhood.  Mr B says, with his usual sunny self-confidence, that our foursome have all survived to a happy and fulfilled adulthood so "we must have done something right."  Or maybe we just didn't do Anything Terribly Wrong.


Anyway, you will all want to know that Mr B and I are currently in Shanghai.  I bet that has surprised you.  Well, no, it isn't exactly the Real Thing - all the rooms in the hotel on the Isle of Wight where we are staying for the next few days have names rather than numbers. The names, moreover, are all of exotic, far-off places - just about as far removed from the Isle of Wight as can be. 


Well, it makes perfect sense doesn't it?  We are on the annual Bowls Trip, after all.  A good dollop of fiction and fancy will go a long way...

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Yesterday | 22:41


08.02 | 17:40

Agree with the very last line.Enjoyable game and obviously we can discuss this at our next birdie outing x

24.01 | 18:27

So glad you got so many domestic issues sorted. There are days when I wish I had a couple of darling daughters. I have a darling son but he is a long way away

19.11 | 22:40

I'll be thinking of you. Good luck. Love from Pat.xx

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