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Thursday 4th October

It's National Poetry Day today

(In case you didn't know it.)

It set me pondering what it takes

To be a successful poet.


A Wordsworth, say, or Milton

Or a Percy Bysshe Shelley

Whose words can raise the spirits high

Or turn your legs to jelly.


A poet needs a way with words

And a sense of rhyme and rhythm

A brain like a Thesaurus

Which he always carries with'him (!!!)


He needs a sixth - or seventh - sense,

And to pay it full attention -

An ability to see the world

In a completely new dimension.


Thus, when Keats looked out of his window

"Mellow fruitfulness" he saw -

Where the rest of us saw falling leaves

Littering the lawn.


When Shakespeare met a pretty girl

It was cue another sonnet -

(He always had an eye, our Will,

For the face beneath the bonnet...)


Battlefields and killer gas -

No subject for a poem?

We'd know nothing of the horrors

But for the pen of Wilfred Owen.


So many there are to choose from

I'll let you do the picking

Let's hear it for the poets

Long-time dead - or live and kicking!




Mr B absolutely insisted that I had to include his own favourite verse in today's blog, for which I can only apologise in advance. It goes thus:


"Little birdie, flies so high,

Drops its luggage as it goes by.

Farmer stops and wipes his eye,

"Damn good thing that cows can't fly!"


I call it "poetry in motions"....


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19.11 | 22:40

I'll be thinking of you. Good luck. Love from Pat.xx

19.11 | 18:19

Good luck Jaqui from us both. Hope all goes to plan. Kindest wishes, Roland & Shirley x

16.11 | 11:06

Will you be OK for the op? If you care for someone like you do, there isn't anyone to care for you. So glad that Kay and Louise were around that day.

15.11 | 22:04

Hope you're OK. xx

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