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Friday 12th October

Today did not start too well.  In that I woke up and couldn't find my specs.

The Son and Only was trying to get ready for work, the Lovely Daughter-in-Law was feeding the baby, Sam was getting dressed in his school uniform and James was supposed to be eating his Weetabix - but everyone had to drop everything to try to find my glasses.

James told me how he always, but always, put his glasses on top of his cupboard every night.  He didn't actually criticise my lackadaisical attitude towards my specs but he didn't really need to.  Expressions speak louder than words. Sam was purposeful.  Did I remember where I had seen them last, he asked, helpfully.  I said I didn't but that I was sure I would have put them somewhere really, really safe.  At the precise moment the words left my lips, Sam found my missing specs. On the floor, under the sofa. Somewhere Really, Really Safe.

Once my sight was restored, there was no stopping me.  Trips to and from school. Gymnastics with James. Cooking Sparkling Rocket Cakes (see my Cook Book page.) I think I did reasonably well on most of the tasks I was set - until it came to feeding Morgan his tea.  It was mushy papaya. It was yummy. Unfortunately with one sweep of a small arm, it was also all over me.  Morgan was not impressed and nor was his father who had to mush up some more.  

I think it is fair to say I failed the Papaya Test. 

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11.04 | 14:05

Now I want to learn the art of towel folding!

22.03 | 22:20

I had to look up ambiturn. Power to you Jaqui. And our good wishes to Mr. B. Please mind your back and give yourself a break now and then.

16.03 | 08:26

Do so hope he's home soon. Take care of yourself as well as Bri-anne. Love to you both. xx

10.02 | 07:56

Jacqui. So sorry yo hear you are now on the hospital treadmill. Chin up. Have you been in touch with Crossroads Care? They will help when you need support a5 ho

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