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Saturday 13th October

Today was another action-packed day of fun with my little Welsh boys.  I had been told, right at the start of my visit that it was to be my choice what we did each day.  Such a responsibility, I thought. Though I had no need to worry, as it turned out, because Sam and James made sure to let me know the score.  "Tomorrow," Sam pleaded, as I turned out his bedroom light last night, "Please, please, please will you choose swimming?!"

Well, as regular readers know, I am always up for a swim.  And we were off to no ordinary pool - we were bound for the Cardiff International Swimming Centre, no less. We weren't in the main pool, with the diving boards, swimming lanes and Serious Swimmers (which was almost certainly A Good Thing) - we were in the fun pool, which had the flumes, the lazy river, the water fountains and those spouty patches which tickle your feet.  The boys (all three of them) were in seventh heaven.

And, when we finally emerged, like mer-people from the deep, there was another new experience awaiting me. It was a Haystack Drier. A Haystack Drier (for those of you who don't know) is a kind of machine you stand in which blows hot air all over you and helps to get you dry.  Please don't ask me why it's called a Haystack Drier.  My only thought, on this subject, was that, when I left the machine, my hair, while almost dry, did look as if I had been pulled through a hay-stack backwards.  If you ever have the chance to use a Haystack Drier, I can thoroughly recommend it. If you ever find out why it's called a Haystack Drier, please let me know.

Six year old Sam was absolutely delighted withe the two tiny toy dogs which came as a free gift with his Animals magazine I bought for him.  He has decorated their foreheads with colourful "jewels" and brought them to me for inspection, first thing this morning.

"I'm going to keep them forever,"he told me seriously, "And they will always remind me of you, so I won't forget you when you die."

It was a strangely reassuring thought...

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Yesterday | 22:56

And so say all of us!!!

29.10 | 20:07

Your words are true magic and like us Adam has a great future ahead of him.
He has a mesmerising presence on stage and a voice to match

04.10 | 07:06

If it's still there at the weekend I will be selling the tooth on eBay with plastic case.

10.07 | 20:20

Fantastic blog! Xx

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