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Paws for Thought?

We would have been meeting for a couple of games of Nomination Whist today, gathering at our house to enjoy an afternoon of fun and laughter, coupled with earnest discussions on how to set the world to rights. Because I was missing everyone, I decided to give them all a ring to find out how they were getting along in this mad, mad world of 2020. 


I am pleased to report that everyone appears to be both hale and amazingly hearty, considering the circumstances though I do have to report on one major concern which I will explain shortly.


There are a few common themes arising from my conversations. Firstly we are all agreed that time has taken on a completely new dimension and that, generally, we can handle it though we each have our own approach. Some find it a blessed release to be able to stay comfortably in their pyjamas till midday should they so wish, while for others it as a personal challenge to maintain a certain degree of grooming. The closure of hairdressing salons is, however, causing quite a lot of distress for those concerned about the long-term effects on their Crowning Glory. Those who like to eat out at least once a week are thinking longingly of local pubs, cafés and other eateries and wondering if their favourite meals will still be on the menu when normal eating out is resumed.


I’m pleased to note that every single person has help with their shopping - such a tribute, in several cases, to the kindness of strangers. We are all growing accustomed to the odd ritual of our volunteer helpers leaving our carrier bags of shopping on our doorsteps, ringing on the doorbell and retreating to a safe distance (in our case, the garden gate) from where we can wave our thanks and exchange a few words. The sunny weather of the last three weeks, the sweetness of the spring bird-song and, for those lucky enough to have a garden, the solace to be found in digging and delving all merit many a mention.


We are all proud of the fact that most people in our area are abiding by the new regulations governing our lives. Indeed, I tell them all, I have read that West Sussex is top of the UK charts for staying at home - 93% of the population in Worthing. I do wonder how this data was gathered as how did the researchers find anyone to ask and were those they did locate roaming the streets and not staying at home? 


While we are all missing our families, most of us have found ourselves more able than we had expected to embrace new technology in order to stay in touch with our nearest and dearest. It’s amazing what you can do when it’s the only way of seeing those dear faces and hearing their voices...


So, yes, my short but very sweet telephone survey has proved that we are a most resilient bunch, finding ways to cope in a strange new world stalked by the Coronavirus. I am, nevertheless, rather worried for the welfare of our four-legged, tail-wagging friends...


One of our number tells me that she has any number of people contacting her, offering to take her dog for “walkies.” Everyone, it seems, feels that the presence of a dog on a lead accompanying them lends legitimacy to their daily exercise. Her poor dog quivers every time the telephone rings in case it is somebody else wanting to run her off her paws. Another friend reports that her son is taking his dog on ten mile walks every day to stave off the boredom of a day doing nothing. 


Paws for thought?

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I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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