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Saturday 22nd December

Well, I wasn't expecting to still be sitting here, in my own house, next to my Christmas-tree-without-lights this evening. I thought I would be in Cardiff, with my Little Welsh Boys and their parents, getting into the Christmas spirit. I thought by now we would certainly have unwrapped their tree decorations and hung them on their Christmas tree. And we would doubtless  have added a goodly number of excitingly wrapped parcels to the seven presents which Sam told me yesterday were already under the tree.   Alas, I had reckoned without the weather...


Mr B had been following the weather forecast for today with grim foreboding. By way of proof, he showed me the BBC weather website complete with a map on which clusters of yellow warning triangles festooned our route. It was almost as if someone had announced: "Hey, Mr and Mrs B heading this way! Let's have some localised flooding - here, and here and, yes, here!" Mr B said, very reluctantly, that he thought we should put off our journey until tomorrow.


I'm not sure what would happen if Santa paid similarly close attention to the weather conditions before setting out on Christmas Eve. But then perhaps they can't get the BBC Weather Channel up there at the North Pole? And, to be fair, Santa doesn't have to use the motorways, does he? He can just fly above all the chaos, encouraging Dasher and Co with thoughts of all the carrots awaiting them along the way.


When faced with crushing disappointment, I do my best to look on the bright side.  In this case, I could only come up with two possible benefits from delaying our journey.  First of all, I will look much less crumpled, come Christmas. This is because I was able to use the unexpected time to iron the clothes I am taking, instead of bundling them into the case willy-nilly at the last minute. It is unlikely anyone will notice how, well, smooth I look - but I will know and that's the main thing.


Secondly I was able to spend the afternoon fulfilling my promise to the Youngest of the Darling Daughters by making nine Christmas crowns for us all to wear on the Big Day. It was the one thing I hadn't managed to do by last thing yesterday. I had thought I would have to resort to taking all the materials with me (old Christmas cards, pinking shears, stapler and staples) and throwing myself on the mercy of Jack and Hazel to help me out with them on Christmas Eve. They will be so pleased to hear that they do not have to humour me, after all.


Mr B says we will leave at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. This early start will be easier for Mr B, who is invariably up just after 6 in the morning, than it will be for me, who likes nothing better than to lie a-bed, now that I don't have to get up for work in the mornings. However, the Son And Only says he has booked Sunday Lunch for us all at a local hotel so we'll be needing to get on the road.


In fact, we will be spending rather a lot of our time "on the road" over the next eight days as we travel from one family home to another. It means we will see all our children and all our grandchildren over the course of the festivities. We will travel along the M27, M4, M3, M25, M26 and M20. We will visit or pass through several counties including Kent, Sussex (East and West), Hampshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire. What will keep us going is the knowledge of the warm welcomes we will receive on our arrival at each of our destinations.  


Though it might be easier by sleigh, don't you think?

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10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

09.08 | 07:45

I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

30.03 | 17:40

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