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Today, as part of our Great New Year Tidy-Up, we tackled the mysteries of the Ladybird Bag.


You may well have a Ladybird Bag or two, or four, or six, yourself if you shop at Tesco's - it's a large blue bag with ladybirds all over it which will apparently last us for life. This particular Ladybird Bag (yes, we have several more in the cupboard under the stairs but I'm not intending to go there at the moment. Not until I have to, anyway) has been taking up room on one of our kitchen surfaces for I don't know how long. It is full to bursting with "stuff" and, as regular readers know by now, "stuff" is my enemy. I am, indeed, dedicated to ridding our house of "stuff" now that I am retired and have the time to devote to the really important things in life.


Mr B said I was not allowed to deal with the Ladybird Bag without him. This might sound as if he has come over All Helpful in his old age (it's his birthday next week so he is feeling his age.) Actually he was just concerned that, in my fervour, I might consign to the rubbish bin "stuff" which he would consider to be of value. He needn't have worried, bless him.


The first item I came across was a Saga magazine, still unopened, still in its polythene wrapper, and dated July 2011. This gave me an inkling of the likely value of anything else in the Ladybird Bag which might have a use-by date. Anyway, I had to sit down and have a read before getting on with the job in hand. I mean, that magazine had been sitting there for 18 months, waiting for me to find it and read it. It was the least I could do.


When I returned to my task, I decided to sort everything into piles. There would be a "Recycling" pile; a "Bin" pile; a "Save" pile; a "May Have To Do Something About This" pile; and a "Mr B To Decide" pile. I reckoned that it would be best all round if the last- mentioned of these piles was also the smallest. It's not that Mr B is slow to take decisions, but I had a horrible feeling he might decide to put everything in "his" pile back in the Ladybird Bag and - worst of all! - plonk it back on the kitchen surface from whence it came.


Here is a brief summary of the contents of the Ladybird Bag. I shall leave you to consider on which "pile" each item found itself. Firstly there were any number of explanatory leaflets for kitchen appliances. Most of which have gone the way of all kitchen appliances which fail to deliver on their promises. Possibly because we didn't read the explanatory leaflets properly. Secondly there were several out of date holiday brochures, promoting amazing deals (which we have failed to grab), to beautiful far-flung shores (which we have failed to visit.) Possibly because we never got round to reading the brochures before we tidied them away in the Ladybird Bag. 


There are lots of cards advertising the services of plumbers, electricians, tree surgeons, taxi drivers and the like. I wonder if they are all still in business. There are six cards inviting us to have our oven cleaned by experts and around a dozen "Take Away Menus" from our favourite Indian restaurant. Which has doubtless changed its menu several times since the leaflets were printed.


I found my old camera - it doesn't work any more but it was good to see an old friend regardless. Plus an ash-tray in the shape of a maple leaf, with CANADA written inside. And then, just when I was giving up hope - a really good "find." A disc marked "Sisters" which, when I inserted it into my laptop, turned out to contain nearly two dozen priceless photos of my sister and me all through the ages. I thought you might like to see one, so here it is, illustrating today's blog.


Maggie was about 5, I was about 8. I still remember the night the photograph was taken. We'd been waiting up, all dressed in our Sunday best, for a photographer who didn't arrive. He finally arrived when we were both in bed, so our Mum made us put on our white school blouses, over our pyjama trousers, to have our photo taken. I was absolutely mortified to be wearing my pyjama trousers in front of the camera though, looking at the photo, I seem to have disguised my feelings rather well.


I reckon it was worth all the trials of Sorting Out the Ladybird Bag for that one, precious photo from the past.

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DONE Sending...

Eleanor | Reply 06.01.2013 20:28

HATE predictive text. I meant strewn and NOT treen!!

Eleanor | Reply 06.01.2013 20:27

Mr. B. has invaluable stuff treen around too- you have my sympathies.

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I have broad shoulders x

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I love it, what a wonderful read on a very wet Monday Morning. Well done and I love the idea of the Grandmother's Book, an idea I shall definately borrow.

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