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The Easter Bunny and a Seafront Stroll

You have doubtless seen (how could you miss him?) the Easter bunny which has taken up residence on my website pages. He hops hither and thither, laying Easter eggs wherever he goes and some (including Mr B and the Eldest of the Darling Daughters) are finding him incredibly annoying. The thing is, what do the rest of you think?


What you need to know is that it could have been far, far worse. I had the option of adding a “crazy Easter bunny” to my website but when I tried him out, even I was a little put off by his manic, grinning face bouncing all over the place.  Likewise, I could have added a yellow Easter bunny but I felt he was a little insipid, even though he is the colour of daffodils. But as soon as I saw the brown Easter bunny I was sold. I was sure you would love him. Or, rather, I was sure that SOME of you would love him...


Some readers think I am extremely clever to have added such a time-appropriate and amusing illustration to the Daily Blog.  It is possible, I suppose, that they think I drew him myself.  Sadly (and in the interests of truthfulness) I must explain this is not the case. All I had to do was to consider the options presented by my website host and click on “yellow bunny”, “brown bunny”, “crazy bunny” or “I do not want an Easter bunny on my website.” I have to say that it seemed rather rude to turn down such a generous offer when someone, somewhere had gone to so much trouble to produce three varieties of rabbit for the delectation of my readers.


At Christmas, I added an Advent Candle which cleverly burned itself down day by day. I also added some snow flakes which wafted gently across the Daily Blog.  Nobody, as far as I can remember, complained about them though they were not, I admit, quite so annoyingly exuberant as the Brown Easter Bunny.


I was a bit like the Brown Easter Bunny myself today. There was a definite spring in my step as I set off with “The Girls” on their monthly Sea-front Stroll.  Regular readers may remember that I tried to join the stroll on a previous occasion but it was raining cats and dogs (no rabbits, as far as I recall) so we took shelter in the Sea Lane Cafe instead and spent the morning drinking coffee and putting the world to rights.  Today there was no rain but it was bitterly cold so not all “The Girls” turned up – but there were six of us which is quite enough to look like a proper group. 


I wasn’t cold at all because I wore my Walking Jungle jumper and the woolly hat I bought myself yesterday. Mr B and I have both invested in woolly hats in preparation for our Legoland visit; neither are the height of elegance but they were both cheap (being in a sale) so it didn't seem too much of a waste investing in them even though we are (please!) nearing the end of the winter season. Plus they will keep our heads warm. The Seafront Stroll was a good test for my woolly hat's Warmth Factor and I have to report that it emerged with flying colours – even if it did flatten my hair. But, let’s face it, some of us just aren't cut out to be both warm and elegant.


Here are the things I enjoyed most about the “Seafront Stroll.” Firstly, the beautiful sea-front – how lucky I am to live so near the sea! Let me never forget how lucky I am.  Secondly, the company and the chat, the chance to meet some new people. Thirdly, I liked saying "Good Morning!" to everyone we met and, where appropriate, admiring their dogs. So many dog-walkers we saw - had I been walking with dog-loving grand-daughters, Katie and Eleanor, we'd have been stopping every few yards.


Fourthly, I liked the fact that we paced ourselves, stopping off first for coffee and then for lunch, before heading off on the homeward trek.  We didn’t stop once on the way back but by then I was so much into my stride that I hardly noticed how far we had walked. I could have taken the bus back (I had brought my bus pass with me – just in case) but my motto for today was “in for a penny, in for a pound”.


It is perfectly possible that I will feel it tomorrow. If I wake up with aching limbs I just know Mr B will say “I told you so!” If he does, then I shall feel compelled to pretend I have no ill-effects, by bouncing around in my customary fashion and being as annoying as ever.


Rather like the Brown Easter Bunny....

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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