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I have a new book! (This is Faris, by the way – it’s ages since I last took over the Daily Blog but Nanni says that, just for today, it’s all mine.)


Anyway I thought I would tell you about the book Nanni gave me yesterday. She says it is one of her favourites though I think she is a bit old to be reading pop-up books, personally. I wouldn’t tell her that, obviously, especially as she was so very pleased with herself for finding Dear Zoo in Tesco’s at half the price of WH Smith.


I am just like Nanni in that I love books. In fact I devour them. Quite literally. Devouring books has been a whole lot easier since Robert arrived. Robert is my first top tooth. He has joined the two bottom teeth, Peter and Ralph, in my mouth so that now I can chomp down on anything from menus in restaurants, to Mummy’s fingers, to pop-up books.  I didn’t name Robert myself. Nor Peter and Ralph for that matter. That was all down to Mummy. Apparently I will have 20 milk teeth altogether so I am interested to know when Mummy will run out of names.  Also, will she remember which is which, I wonder? Maybe she will have to make a little chart, with all their names written on.  We sing a song, Mummy and I, when it is tooth-brushing time. It’s all about Peter and Ralph and Robert, too. Think how many verses we will need when all 20 teeth are through. Nobody will be able to say that I don’t spend long enough cleaning MY teeth.


Back to the new book. As you will have gathered it’s called “Dear Zoo” and it is about a child who wrote to the zoo asking for a pet. The zoo was most obliging but not particularly realistic and kept sending the most unsuitable animals.  Because my book is a pop-up book, on every page one of the unsuitable animals pops up. Well, what else did you think they would do? There’s a fold-out elephant who is TOO BIG and a pop-up giraffe who is TOO TALL and a sticking out monkey who is TOO NAUGHTY. You probably get the idea.  The funniest page was the one with the coiled up snake in a basket who, according to the book, was TOO SCARY.  Well, we’ll see about that, I thought to myself and before you could say “Hissy Fit” I had torn the head right off that so-called scary snake.  Me, I don’t scare that easily.  Mummy and Nanni both thought this was hysterically funny, you never know what will start them off (though I have heard them say the same thing about me, now I come to think of it.) Nanni said it would probably not be the last of the pop-up animals to receive the “Faris treatment” and advised Mummy to invest in a reel of Sellotape because we would probably need it .


Nanni and Grandad were visiting because in a couple of days time it will be my Mummy’s birthday.  We all went out for a special birthday meal and I sat up at the table in a high chair with a squashy cushion and devoured the menu.  Everyone else had plates of food which they all declared to be delicious. Apparently one day soon I will be old enough to order food from the menu, rather than just chewing on it. There was a very sweet waitress who kept picking up Gilbert the Giraffe from the floor and tucking him in beside me with the sweetest of smiles. Every time she came near our table, I made sure to drop Gilbert so that she would have to pick him up.  I think she had a soft spot for me but then most people do, I have found. 


When we arrived home,  there were more surprises including a birthday cake with Flaming Candles.  I know what they were because I heard Nanni ask Grandad where his lighter was so that she could light the flaming candles.  One day I will have a birthday and a cake with Flaming Candles.  Nanni says I am not old enough yet which seems a bit rich but I suppose, like all good things, it will be worth waiting for.  And in between we have something called Christmas which Mummy seems to be getting extra excited about.


Well, I have to go as I need to entertain Mummy by splashing about in the bath. After that she will cuddle me dry and attempt to dress me. I heard her tell Nanni that this is like trying to fit an octopus into a plastic bag.  Ha ha!


Maybe, with a bit of luck, we will read Dear Zoo again before I go to bed.


I’ve got my eye on the frog this time. He is just TOO JUMPY.

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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