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Christmas according to Faris and The Twins

Christmas must be over. Mummy has taken down the Christmas tree already - do you think it might be because I pulled all the silver baubles off it, unravelled the fairy lights and detached an odd twig or two?

Yes, this is Faris writing the blog once again. I said I would step in once again for Nanni who has gone home exhausted after running around after me and The Twins all over Christmas. Well, to be honest, The Twins don't run that much just at the moment. In fact they don't do much running at all but Grandad says they both have "a good pair of lungs on them." I am not completely sure what he means by that. Do all Grandads come out with strange expressions that nobody under the age of, say, ten - which is pretty old, almost a Great Age - would understand?

My favourite present was my scooter. Did you know that you have to leave one leg off? Life's complicated, isn't it? Every time I wheeled it out, everyone would call out: "One leg on and one leg off, remember?" As if they gave me any chance to forget! Still, they meant well. Nanni and Grandad bought me a pirate helmet to wear while I am riding my scooter. I think it's to protect anything I bash into on my triumphant progress scooting around the house.

I had lots of presents packed into a red sock, too. I don't quite understand why anyone would put presents in a sock but it was all down to Father Christmas apparently and he Must Have Had His Reasons, I suppose. Anyway, the sock idea was good because it gave me quite a bit of practice at opening presents before I started on the pile under the Christmas tree. Both Mummy and Nanni use far too much sticky tape on their parcels for easy opening but they are in good company because, guess what? Father Christmas is just as bad. Mummy would open a corner of each present then everyone would chorus: "Pull! Pull!" My family is just SO predictable. It's the same with songs. Just one mention of Santa and they all burst into a song about Santa getting stuck up the chimney. They really can't help themselves. I expect I will catch the Singing Bug one day. I just hope it isn't too painful.

Christmas Dinner was a highlight because I got to sit up at the table with the grown-ups (if you can call Nanni a grown-up) and enjoy a Proper Feast. I even had something called a cracker to pull and, with all the practice I had had with the presents, I didn't do too badly. I didn't keep my paper crown on but then nobody else did, apart from Nanni who can be very determined about such matters. Mummy said she would have kept hers on but her hair was too shiny and Grandad said he would have kept his on but it scratched his head. Nanni says Mummy is a hero for cooking a whole Christmas Dinner when she has new-born twins to look after. You'd think to hear that, that The Twins were a whole lot of trouble but they only really cry at night and, as I am asleep, I don't consider this too bothersome.

The day after Christmas Day was called Boxing Day for some reason. Don't ask me why, I expect I will have worked it out by next Christmas. It should have been called Party Day because all the Baldwin Family came, complete with another grandmother who was Great Fun. As the host, it was up to me to keep my cousins, Jack and Hazel, busy and happy and I think I did an excellent job of it. It would have been a very sad Boxing Day if they had had to spend the whole time on their mobile phones when they could have been playing with Yours Truly. They left about ten minutes before my bedtime which meant they were able to see me in my new Batman pyjamas (complete with cape). I could see Jack looked quite envious, what a pity his Mummy, my Special Auntie Karen, didn't think to buy him a pair for Christmas.

It seems such a long time to wait until next Christmas. Maybe we should have one more often. Say, every fortnight?


Tala and Lilia say: Christmas Means Cuddles! So many people came to see us and to cuddle us. We were only too happy to oblige, it seemed only fair, given how lucky we are to have been born into this family. Our favourite present was a whole set of a Little Miss books from The Baldwins. We have decided that we are going to act at being all the Little Misses one at a time. There are thirty-seven books in the set but we won't be able to do all of them at once because we have to learn a few more things first. There is actually a book called Little Miss Twins! Well, that's not the least bit difficult for us.


There's also a Little Miss Tiny book - we are good at that, though we are getting bigger and bigger every day, even though nobody offered us any Christmas Dinner. Faris says the best bit about the Christmas Dinner was the Yorkshire Pudding. We haven't the faintest idea what Yorkshire is but it sounds absolutely scrummy.


That's all from us, folks. We have to practice being Little Miss Magic.


Times two.

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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