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In Which Faris Takes Over the Daily Blog (Again)

Have you ever played Sleeping Bunnies? We play it at play-group so I am something of an expert at Doing It My Way. This is Faris, incidentally. You were probably expecting me. I would have written the Daily Blog yesterday but Nanni said, not to worry, there were things she particularly wanted to say about Mother's Day.

Anyway, back to Sleeping Bunnies. Nanni and I played this over and over again yesterday, up in her bedroom, the one with the big bed. I like it at Nanni's house but, most of all, I like the upstairs. The rooms upstairs are just more interesting, that's all I can say. First of all there is the bathroom, where, by standing on the bathroom scales, I can just about manage to flush the toilet. Over and over again. Nanni wouldn't let me check the water levels though which was a bit disappointing. There are also taps to be turned on and off, interesting bottles of sweet smelling stuff to be hurled into the bath, and all kinds of bath toys, some of which still had water in them from my last visit so that I could squirt them at Nanni when she was least expecting it.

Next to the bathroom is the front bedroom which has cupboards with all kinds of treasures inside. The most interesting cupboard, as far as I was concerned, was the one with the squeaky door. I opened it and closed it. Over and over again. There was also a lamp which I turned on and off. Over and over again. Nanni tried to get me to say "on" and "off" but I wasn't playing. I don't do Things To Order, like Grandad's favourite Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Moving on to the small bedroom, this one has photographs of all Nanni and Grandad's ten grandchildren on the windowsill. Every time I come, Nanni explains who is who. I find it quite difficult to remember but I know which photo is me. Plus my cousin Morgan is wearing a Union Jack baby grow so I always recognise him. Nanni always suggests that I put my photo back on the windowsill which is a shame because it would be a fascinating experiment to see what happened if I threw it into the bath, along with the three ducks, the octopus, the dolphin and the starfish.

Best of all, though, is Nanni and Grandad's room with the big bed, ideal for playing Sleeping Bunnies. The trouble with Sleeping Bunnies, IMHO, is that you have to spend more time pretending to be asleep than you do hopping up and down. Funnily enough, Nanni preferred the lying down bits. She closed her eyes and everything. You really would have thought she was an actual sleeping bunny. Though, obviously, I wasn't having any of that. Mummy said she could hear us hopping up and down all the way downstairs.

It was a lovely day. Auntie Anne came with my cousins Katie and Eleanor. They all loved cuddling Tala and Lilia which is only to be expected as they are The Most Cuddliest Babies In The World. I should know because I am their brother and they say I am their Hero. The Twinkles and I gave mummy a Mother's Day card to make sure she knew she was the best mummy in the world. She cried. Predictably. I will never understand women - which may be a problem in the future as now, with The Twinkles, Daddy and I are out-numbered 3-2. It's a good thing that we are Strong Men.

Mummy and Auntie Anne brought all the food for our dinner so all Nanni had to do was to lay the table. She did make an apple pie, though, so you could say she played her part. Such as it was. Katie and Eleanor say Nanni makes the best apple pies ever. They must know, because they are both really old, practically grown-up, and they must have eaten lots of Nanni's apple pies over the years they have known her. Which was, apparently, since the day they were born. I have to say this about Nanni, she never misses out on the Big Occasions.

After dinner we went to the park on the beach where we were practically the only people there. It was pretty cold, to be honest, but we are Made of Stronger Stuff than most people. Eleanor pushed me round and round on this kind of big dish and when I finally got out I kept falling over. Everyone laughed (including me) and Nanni called me a Giddy Goat. I think it was meant affectionately though goats are not my favourite animals. I prefer giraffes personally.

The Twinkles and I are taking Nanni on holiday with us in June. We are going to a place called Alley Canty. Nanni is super excited. When we had to leave for home, after I had had my bath and the Twinkles had had their milk, she gave me a great bear hug and said "Hasta la Vista".

Mummy said this meant "See you soon" - but I think it meant "Stop flushing the toilet."

One of us is probably right.

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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