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Another Game, Another Seaside Day by Faris

Nanni and I have invented a new game.

It's a bit like the "Oh, no!" game (of which you have been informed in a previous blog) but you don't get so wet and it doesn't require any special equipment. We call it the "Found You!" game. You could probably play it almost anywhere but we, as in Nanni and I, decided to play it in the Park on the Prom. Occasionally Nanni gets mixed up and refers to this as the Prom on the Park. I thought this was almost certainly as a result of her having reached a Great Age but Mummy says she was just the same when she (Mummy) was little. It's one of Nanni's endearing characteristics. I am guessing that endearing is another word for annoying.

Incidentally we have a new alphabet mat at home, a bit like the one we had in our Holiday Home in Ally Canty. When I won't do as I am told, Mummy makes me sit on "A" for annoying. It makes a change from the Naughty Corner anyway and let's face it, it's educational at the same time. Mummy is not sure the alphabet mat is such a good idea because the Twinkles and I keep removing the letters and hiding them. Well, I do most of the hiding to be honest, but those Twinkles are sure learning fast. Mummy will need three "As", one for each of us when they are old enough to be annoying, which won't be long, say when they are eight months old or so.

To return to the "Found You!" game. You need at least two people to play it, though you could have more I suppose; however it might get a bit crowded. Each player goes haring around the place until they suddenly come face to face with each other when they shout:"Found you!" The Park on the Prom was an ideal place to play because right in the middle there is a kind of ship structure with lots of places to hide and jump out of. Nanni and I played the "Found You!" game for ages and ages. The good thing about Nanni is that she never seems to get bored of playing my games even when they are, well, repetitive.

Next - a real treat! We went on a train. It was bright red and it had four carriages and it ran right along the prom, prom, prom as far as the Lido. I chose the very last carriage to travel in. Nanni said when she goes on a train she usually has luggage but today she only had baggage. She seemed to find this hysterically funny. Personally I think it is Bad Form to laugh at your own jokes, especially when I don't understand them.

When riding on a seaside train, it is very important to wave. I know this because Nanni said so and, whatever else you may say about Nanni, she is good at All Things Seaside. For instance, she told me that you can always tell if someone is a "waver" or not. We would pass a family walking along and Nanni would say: "Wave! Wave! They are definitely wavers...." She was invariably correct in her assumption. Some people didn't look like wavers at all - an old man with a walking stick, for example, and a girl on roller skates - but Nanni said they would be wavers and, guess what? they were. I can't wait to take Tala and Lilia on the train and show them who to wave at. Nanni reckons absolutely everybody will wave at them because they are adorable. Obviously I am adorable too but there are two of them which adds up to Double Adorability.

We walked back from the Lido which was a very long way. Daddy would have made me walk but Nanni let me ride in the buggy. I think it was mostly for her own benefit because it meant she didn't have to chase after me all the way back to the Prom on the Park. Or, rather, the Park on the Prom. Honestly, I am getting as bad as Nanni, I think she is a Bad Influence. On the way, Mummy bought me an ice-cream which Nanni says is One of the Things You Must Do at the Seaside. It was delicious, if messy. Nanni sang a song about screaming for ice-cream. Nanni knows a song for every happening and, if she doesn't know one, then she will make one up. Some of her made-up songs are better than others but I wouldn't tell her that. She is always very proud of her made-up songs. Bless her!

Well, I must sign off now. Mummy says we have left carnage behind us. I don't know what carnage is when it's at home.

Could it be another name for Nanni?

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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