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Family Beach Day by Faris aged two and a bit

I didn't expect to have to write Nanni's blog for her today - but bearing in mind that my special Auntie Karen was staying overnight with her and Grandad, I am given to understand that they will have been far too busy chatting to do any hard work. As Grandad (a Man After My Own Heart) often says: there is no danger of their jaws rusting.

Not that I am completely sure what that means. I know sharks have jaws because I own a shark back-pack. It has reins attached and for quite some time I resisted wearing these on the grounds that I am not a donkey. Then, quite recently, it dawned on me that by wearing the reins I wouldn't have to hold hands with an adult whenever we were out and about. Contrary to what I had first thought, the reins afford me rather more freedom to rampage. Who'd have thought it?

We all travelled down to the beach in Littlehampton yesterday in our big car, all seven of us. Auntie Karen had to fold herself up really small in order to fit into the back seat, especially as she had to share the space with the Big Purple Buggy. Nanni said that, in the interests of fairness, maybe she should sit in the back seat on the way home but both Mummy and Auntie Karen said "No way!" Neither of them offered an explanation but I knew it was because, whatever she says, Nanni simply isn't as bendy as Auntie Karen. It isn't her fault, it's all down to her Great Age.

It was a bit of what we call a "Windy Miller" down on the beach so we had to pin the blankets down with our picnic bags, the towels, the coffee flask and the Twinkles' sun tent. Nanni said the sea was coming in. Coming into what? I wanted to ask but didn't. I understood later when the sea tried to come into our camp and we had to retreat up the beach to safety. That took some doing, what with the Big Purple Buggy, the beach mats, the sun tent, the towels, the picnic bags. Oh, yes, and The Twinkles. We couldn't leave them behind.

While the sea was busy coming in, before we had to beat a hasty retreat, Nanni and I were able to re-create the "Oh, no!" game which we played on holiday in Ally Canty. We didn't have a watering can so when Mummy took me to the beach shop and said I could choose a new bucket and spade, all I wanted was the small, blue watering can. Mummy thought I would prefer something a bit more Sandcastle-Related but as far as I am concerned sandcastles are for Nanni to build and for me to demolish. The small blue watering can, on the other hand, held all the promise of my favourite seaside game.

When my cousins Jack and Hazel were younger, they came on lots and lots of Littlehampton Days. They particularly liked climbing on the big anchors marking the path to the car park. Auntie Karen showed me how to climb them and Mummy took pictures. Nanni said it probably made Auntie Karen feel nostalgic. I am not exactly sure what that means but I am guessing it is another word for sea sick.

All along the prom (prom prom) children were drawing pictures of themselves with coloured chalk. Nanni, who is possibly the nosiest person I know, asked a man in a yellow jacket what it was all about and he explained that the children were taking part in Chalking on the Prom, part of an Arts Weekend. Nanni wanted me to lie down on the prom so she could chalk around me - which made Mummy laugh at the very thought that I could be persuaded to lie still for long enough. She knows me so well, but then that's mothers for you.

One of the highlights of of day was The Twinkles' first ever ride on the Boat Train which runs along the prom. Because there were not very many people on the train, there was room to stow the Big Purple Buggy in one carriage and we all piled into another one. As I predicted in a previous blog, the Double Adorability of The Twinkles resulted in waves from almost every person we passed. Nanni, who loves nothing better than a waver, was in her element with Lilia beaming away on her knee and Tala sitting opposite on Auntie Karen's knee, taking everything in. We all had to have photos taken with the Boat Train before we left - Nanni says this is something called Tradition. Jack and Hazel have had their photos taken with the Boat Train ever since they were the same age as I am. Nowadays, Nanni says, she has to bribe them with hot doughnuts before they will agree to pose for the camera. I rather think I may be missing a trick...

Nanni's big surprise was that the Twinkles have now had their names added to the slat on Littlehampton's famous Longest Bench. We had a bit of difficulty finding it on account of all the chalking going on but there it was. It reads:

"For Faris, Tala & Lilia Adli. Let the seaside adventures begin!"

And so say all (three) of us!



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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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