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Monstersaurus Reviewed

Nanni thinks it is time that I looked to expand on my talents as a blogger by writing the occasional Re-Fuse. I wasn't sure what a Re-fuse was, to be honest - I am only four, let's face it, which is almost grown-up but not as much as, say, six. Nanni says that I will be perfect as a Re-Fuser on account of my Many and Fearless Opinions. These will stand me in very good stead. Nanni says so, which means it must be right...

Anyway, yesterday I took Nanni to see "Monstersaurus" at a local theatre. A monstersaurus, in case you aren't sure, is a cross between a monster and a dinosaur. What's not to like about that? Nanni suggested I should base my very first Re-Fuse on "Monstersaurus" and advised me to set down my opinions, Fearless or otherwise, as soon as possible before I forgot all about it in the excitement of my Ultimate Bounce Birthday Party.

I thought I would start with the journey we took on the bus to get to the theatre. Nanni interjected that generally Re-Fusers don't go into that much detail but I think it's good background information. Besides I haven't ever been on a bus before and I had no idea just how much power a passenger on a bus has. When you see the bus coming, you hold out your arm (Nanni held tightly onto my other arm in case I leant too far forward) and, guess what? The bus stops. Just like that. And when you want to get off the bus, you push a button which rings a bell and, guess what? The bus stops to let you off! Honestly when you have two younger sisters who won't do a thing you tell them to unless they happen to want to do it anyway, you have no idea how exciting it is to be in command of a bus. I am currently rethinking my career plan to include the option of bus driver, alongside lifeguard, doctor, and - of course - Power Ranger.

The front of house at the theatre was very well organised with kind ladies guarding the steps down into the Audi Tory Um to stop us all heading down to our seats too soon. While we were waiting Nanni let me choose a present from a table on which an excellent variety of books and puzzles were spread. I chose the one which I thought represented Best Value For Money, a small furry monstersaurus and a book telling the story in pictures.

Our seats were in the third row which I reckoned was quite close enough for Nanni in case of any scary scenes. Before the start, two scientists in white coats came round with a tray of pots full of the ingredients for making monsters. As soon as Nanni realised what was happening, she was waving at them, pointing in my direction and doing everything she could to make sure I was trusted with a pot. You had to be four years old but Nanni explained, at considerable and boring length, that it was my birthday the next day. Honestly, she has no shame about sharing all my personal details. Still, it did mean that I was given a pot, labelled FROG SPAWN, full of green slimy stuff and a small frog. The scientists warned me not to open the pot - not that I was tempted. I mean, I don't think it was a real frog but you can never be too sure, don't you think?

It was such a good show. There was this boy called Monty who was an inventor. He had an Inventing Machine which smoked and blew bubbles and all. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could be an inventor? Monty sang this song about inventing monsters which Nanni loved - she kept singing along, and clapping and making monster movements and generally causing me Extreme Embarrassment. My cousin Hazel says going out to any public place with Nanni, especially somewhere you might meet up with your friends, is "social suicide". Fortunately we were a long way from my home so we were unlikely to meet up with anyone who knew me. There might, of course, have been people in the audience who knew Nanni but this didn't seem to bother her one bit. As I said earlier, She Really Has No Shame.


Monty managed to create two very troublesome monsters who kept fighting each other - so he had to invent Monstersaurus to sort them out. The most important ingredient was - yes, you've guessed it - the Frog Spawn.

I would definitely recommend "Monstersaurus" to anyone who loves monsters and dinosaurs. If you do happen to go to see a performance, I suggest you turn up early so that you get chosen to hold one of the pots of ingredients. If you are really, really lucky, you might be asked to hold the pot of Frog Spawn.

You might prefer to be accompanied by someone who behaves more sensibly, who doesn't laugh out loud, sing along even when she doesn't know the words and who insists on acting out totally ridiculous monster movements.

Or you could be like me and just enjoy the show with Nanni...

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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