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In Which The Twinkles Go To Nursery School

The Twinkles - known to you all (and, indeed, to the World At Large) as Tala and Lilia - skipped into Hook Village Nursery today without so much as a backward glance at their watching mamma. She was very proud of them.


Knowing their mother, the Middle of my Darling Daughters, as I do, I imagine she did a lot of dummy runs before the Twins’ Big Day. She believes that practice aka acclimatisation takes the fear out of the unusual, an approach I find most commendable. Acclimatisation in this case involved practising wearing their back-packs, choosing a single toy each to be carried in said back-packs and much discussion of the importance of hanging up one’s coat, sitting in a circle as and when required and joining in any singing that might herald the end of the morning.


 Okay, so acclimatisation didn’t work on the family’s last visit to the GP surgery for flu immunisations when, despite much pretend play beforehand with the toy doctor’s kit, both twins expressed extreme displeasure at the doctor’s attentions, so much so that the M of the DDs confiscated Tala’s “I have been brave” sticker and awarded it to herself. 


I had imagined that my daughter would, for possibly the first time in the last almost five years, be able to enjoy a cup of coffee while it was still warm - but I hadn’t realised that school doesn’t start for Faris the Rascal until Monday. He spent the whole morning bewailing the fact that he missed “his girls” then proceeded to pay them back for leaving him by being especially rascally all afternoon. 


I was reminded of the distant time all three Darling Daughters went back to school after one long summer holiday, leaving me to entertain their brother who was missing them sorely. I turned my back on the housework, the pile of ironing and the cobwebs lurking in dark corners and played my heart out. We built traffic jams, we fashioned models out of empty Weetabix packets and the inner cardboard tubes from loo rolls, we ran amok in the park across the road. I was all worn out by 4 p.m. What did my playmate say when his sisters returned at the end of the school day? “I was all alone!” he complained bitterly. 


My daughter tells me the Twinkles emerged from their first day at nursery carrying several paintings (for inspection and praise), with eyes a-sparkle and covered in glitter. In this, I must tell you, they resembled their grandmother.


No, not in terms of artistic talent, don’t be silly, and nobody has ever complimented me on my eyes, sparkling or otherwise. I am, however, still glittery following yesterday’s crafty session, the first of 2018, where we were introduced to a new activity involving a glue pen, foil and pots of glitter.


It’s so good to be back in the swing of my regular activities especially as, for all manner of reasons - the Door Widening Project being just one - I have rather missed out over the course of December. I missed December’s Birdy Group, several craft sessions, at least two singalongs with my Singing for Pleasure choir - I was beginning to feel as if life would never get back to normal. How great it was then, to turn up at the Lovely Linda’s home yesterday afternoon for two hours fashioning something which I could hopefully bear home to Mr B with something approaching pride in my Crafty Endeavours. 


To be honest I may have covered myself in glitter - but not in glory, despite my New Year’s Craft Resolution which is to take my time and not rush into each project like a bull in a (glittery) china shop. I thought this would stand me in good stead yesterday as, having used the glue pen to draw patterns either free-hand or with the help of a stencil, we had to wait until the glue turned from a pale blue colour to a transparent stickiness, signalling the time to apply foil or glitter or both. My patience was admirable, my application of both foil and glitter rather less so. Only my picture frame, decorated with glittery butterflies, was reasonable - and that after no fewer than three attempts. My other efforts were, shall we say, disappointing especially compared with those of my more artistic companions. We have, however, been given our glue pens to take home with us so, like the spider who inspired Robert the Bruce, I can try, try and try again.


Practice makes perfect. Which is why my sparkly, glittery Twinkles had such a perfect First Day at Nursery School. And, like me with my glue pen, they get to do it all over again tomorrow.

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23.04 | 20:15

lovely and heartwarming - an inspiration to us all x

09.03 | 12:07

Love this story told as ever beautifully.x

10.11 | 21:31

What a super account of a special event. I loved meeting you last night and seeing your creation come together. I’m so pleased you got so much from the activity

07.09 | 13:17

I have broad shoulders x

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